You are beautiful, no matter what they say.


Can anyone tell me what I wrong with the above picture? Anyone?

In my opinion the picture of young Ms Aguilera is stunning. She looks so healthy and the Michael Kors dress looks beautiful on her. After years of looking like she needed a decent meal, she now looks womanly and sexier than ever.

So why is it, the press refer to her as overweight, that she has ‘squeezed herself into her dress’ and that it does nothing for her figure?

It was only yesterday, that I read that Kelly Brook’s curves were what dieting women aimed for, over a super slim Victoria Beckham. I wonder if you asked a group of both men and women whether she looks healthy and sexy what their answer would be?

In fact that is exactly what I have done today. Well, I asked people what the first word that came into their head, when they saw the above picture and I am pleased to say that not one person commented on her weight!

I wonder what these journalists writing these articles look like? I bet no where near as beautiful as Ms Aguilera. She is a talented, attractive mum who supports numerous charities and puts her status to good use! Why focus on the fact that her backside is a little larger than it once was. Regardless, she would look great in this dress size 6 or size 16.

So what is wrong with this picture? Absolutely sweet FA I tell you! She looks great.

I will leave you with the following question from a colleague at work ‘you’re not buying that dress are you?’
When I said no, the response was ‘good, not sure you could pull it off!’

Big bottomed Bouche (who is a little bit jealous that Christina would always pull that dress off!)



Curves are back!

At a recent social gathering, a conversation between some friends gathered pace about what men find attractive in women.

I love conversations like this! It is my belief that most men like curves and women that know how to dress those curves. The usual object’s of their affection were mentioned Kelly Brook, J.Lo and a newbie Christina Hendricks. I have never overheard a member of the opposite sex saying cor I love a boney bum or look at her lovely skinny legs. I am sure there are men out there that lust after the uber slim but I have never knowingly met one.

Even when I was at my lightest, I had curves and I do love them. Dressing them can be a challenge at times as it seems like certain fashion shops, design clothes for teenage boys and not women with boobs and bums.

So it was a breath of fresh air to see some of the offerings from London fashion week. Diane Von Furstenberg had some extremely beautiful dresses which embraced the female form as did one of my favourites, PPQ.

Although the models are very slim, I think you will agree that the dresses have been designed to embrace those curves.

It has never been a better time to flaunt them. Christina Hendricks is working those curves on every red carpet going at the moment and with Adele on the cover of vogue I think we should all go for it this autumn and show off what we’ve got!

Bouche x x x