You are beautiful, no matter what they say.


Can anyone tell me what I wrong with the above picture? Anyone?

In my opinion the picture of young Ms Aguilera is stunning. She looks so healthy and the Michael Kors dress looks beautiful on her. After years of looking like she needed a decent meal, she now looks womanly and sexier than ever.

So why is it, the press refer to her as overweight, that she has ‘squeezed herself into her dress’ and that it does nothing for her figure?

It was only yesterday, that I read that Kelly Brook’s curves were what dieting women aimed for, over a super slim Victoria Beckham. I wonder if you asked a group of both men and women whether she looks healthy and sexy what their answer would be?

In fact that is exactly what I have done today. Well, I asked people what the first word that came into their head, when they saw the above picture and I am pleased to say that not one person commented on her weight!

I wonder what these journalists writing these articles look like? I bet no where near as beautiful as Ms Aguilera. She is a talented, attractive mum who supports numerous charities and puts her status to good use! Why focus on the fact that her backside is a little larger than it once was. Regardless, she would look great in this dress size 6 or size 16.

So what is wrong with this picture? Absolutely sweet FA I tell you! She looks great.

I will leave you with the following question from a colleague at work ‘you’re not buying that dress are you?’
When I said no, the response was ‘good, not sure you could pull it off!’

Big bottomed Bouche (who is a little bit jealous that Christina would always pull that dress off!)



Our song

A couple of weeks ago Nickie at wrote a post about her and her husband’s ‘song’. and gave me some inspiration to write a similar post.

Mr Bouche and I do have ‘our song’. It is a remix of Clocks by Coldplay and it was played at Manumission in Ibiza by the dj Fatboy Slim. We both have the same feelings about this song. We both realised that night that we were in love and thus it has become our song.

However, when we were planning our wedding, this song seemed an inappropriate choice as a first dance as the words to clocks aren’t very romantic. Choosing the first dance song was the hardest decision we had to make for our wedding and eventually we settled on a song. However, we both regret our decision and wished we had chosen something else.

This was our choice.

We had some songs in our shortlist which we wished we had had as the first dance. However, they were played during our wedding.–Ng

All of these songs have great meaning to us.

What is your song?

Bouche x x x

Next Candidate Please


Over the past three weeks I have been to three interviews. Whilst the jobs are different my preparation is always the same.

Firstly, I look at the job spec and cross reference my CV with the requirements and responsibilities of the role. I make sure I research the company I am visiting, looking at their website and checking recent press releases. I prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer at the end and I make sure I can talk through my CV competently. I never talk about money, ask inappropriate questions and I never ask if I have been successful.

I am aware of first impressions and whilst I love fashion, I believe that an interview is not the time to show off your latest leather look leggings! (Certainly not in my line of work). I always dress conservatively, with a black trouser suit and top which covers all the necessary. I have often heard that flashing some cleavage or a bit of leg can help you get a job. I however have never had to result to this. I want to be considered on the basis of my skills and experience, not on what cup size I have! However, I did get a job once based on the football team I support! I also lay off the makeup. I opt for an English rose look with a barely there blush and lip tint. Rather than my full on evening look!

With this in mind, I did wonder what ticks the boxes for most interviewers. Is the colour of your suit a deal breaker? Would platform shoes and a little too much leg instantly turn you off a candidate?

Where am I going with this? I hear you ask! On Tuesday, whilst travelling back home after an interview by train, I over heard a woman across the carriage talking on the phone about an interview she had been on. She was discussing her interview and spoke of the questions she asked (which were highly inappropriate, Are you married? Being one!). She also spoke of how the interviewer was looking at her chest the entire time and how at the end of the interview she asked if she would be called back for a second interview. We couldn’t have been different candidates! Discreetly, I looked over at the woman, who not only had a very low cut top on, had shoes on that I am sure are more babe station than workstation and don’t even get me started on her makeup.

It does make me wonder what the interviewer must have thought when she arrived. I should probably mention she was interviewing at a large organisation and not stringfellows. Maybe I am being judgmental, but I wonder if I have lost out to candidates like this, and if I have would I have wanted to work for someone who is seemingly so shallow?

Anyway, she was offered a second interview. As for me, let’s just wait and see……

Bouche x x x

Bouche and the Shoe Fetish

A few weeks back, Nickie at and I were having a drunken natter on Skype and Nickie was showing off her new boots. Whilst admiring Nickie’s new footwear, I admitted that I have a little shoe fetish. A fetish which has, at times become obsessive and has landed me with a lot of footwear!

I mentioned to Nickie that I thought I had about 130 pairs of shoes and she said that she would like to see a post about my excessive amount of footwear. So here it is. I decided to have a recount on the footwear front and I don’t actually have 130 pairs of shoes, boots, trainers and sandals. I have 147 pairs! Wowsers, how did it become so many?!

I started bringing the shoes out of the two slider wardrobes, from under little J’s bed and from the loft to photograph them today and realised that they would fill little J’s bedroom floor easily!

So I am going to do this in stages!

 Here is my first selection…


The below shoes are from French Connection. They were bought for our engagement party three years ago. They absolutely kill me every time I wear them but I love them because they are quite unusual.

The next shoes are from the Very website. They were very reasonably priced and I bought them in both grey and blush pink! These were the shoes I wore on my last day at work.

I love 50’s fashion. I love tea dresses, the 50’s style pin curl and chignon hairstyles. So when I saw these shoes in the sale in Office about three years ago, I had to have them! Whenever I wear these shoes, someone always comments and asks where I got them from. I love shoe envy!

These suede boots are over the knee and lace up at the back. I bought these last winter and are my winter staple. Even though these are flat boots, I can wear on a night out with fancy tights and also over skinny jeans during the day. I bought these from Kurt Geiger.

I love red shoes. I guess my love of The Wizard of Oz has influenced some of my shoe purchases. These are patent and have a triangular heel. I bought these from Topshop about 4 years ago.

These swarovski sandals are my blingy summer staples. I have bunions so I always struggle with high-heeled strappy sandals. So these are my fail safe evening shoes for the summer. Even on my wedding day, I kicked off the high heels in the evening and put these beauts on.

The next shoes are from dune. I have had them about 5 years and were bought for a friend’s wedding. I also have the matching clutch bag. Although they are four and a half inches high, they are so comfy. I also think they are quite a timeless style. Shortly after purchasing these shoes, Mr Bouche and I split up briefly. These are the shoes I wore on a make up or break up meeting, with a killer outfit. Needless to say, Mr Bouche and I got back together that evening. How could he resist me in these shoes?!

These little beauts are from Topshop. I have had these a couple of years. I bought them for no other reason that, I loved them and they are a bit slutty! They are patent peeptoes with silver platforms! They have seen me through dozens of nights out, weddings and even my honeymoon!

The below shoes are the newest of the shoes on this post. I got these from love label, and are extremely high and hard to walk in but they make me feel sexy and thinnish and that is why I adore them!

These little bobby dazzlers were bought by myself, when I was a bridesmaid for my mum and step dad in September 2008. I had a lovely dress but in a hideous colour, so I had to have fabulous shoes. They were very expensive, even though they were from dune but they have swarovski crystals and hence the high price tag!

 The below shoes are from good old Next. I bought them for my best friend Andrew’s wedding 18 months ago. They are so high that after a few hours wear, they are hard to stand in. However, they make my short stumpy legs look nearly long!


The last of the shoes are from Office. They look like they would give you blisters, but they are so comfortable, I can dance  in them all night. I bought these about five years ago. I can’t remember why but it was probably because they are silver, my favourite colour. These are my leave the house in comfort, dance all night, eat chips in, queue for a taxi and stagger through the front door shoes!

Do you love shoes as much as I do? Please comment and share below.

Bouche x x x x

Never Forget – 11/09/01

It was september 11th 2001. My then boyfriend (M) and I were holidaying in Lanzarote. We were about a week into our two week holiday and we had been lying around the pool most of the day oblivious to the events occurring in New York, Pennsylvania and at The Pentagon.

We returned to the apartment at about 5pm and turned on our mobile telephones. I had, had a couple of messages but my boyfriend’s mail box was full. You see, he worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. Cantor Fitzgerald were based in the North Tower of the World Trade Center, the first of the tower’s to be hit. Cantor Fitzgerald were based between floors 101 and 105 just two floors above the impact.

M listened to the voice mails from family and then the calls from his boss and colleagues. Although M worked in London he knew the New York operation very well. He was asked to cut his holiday short and fly home to fly immediately to New York.

Cantor Fitzgerald lost 658 employees that day, which equated to two-thirds of their New York staff. It soon became apparent that London secondees had been killed including one of M’s good friends.

I was terrified flying home, and when I got home and went back to work, the stories that were circulating were terrifying. Stories of people speaking to someone in the twin towers on the telephone and hearing the impact and the line going dead. There were a few companies I spoke to for my job, who were in the Towers and it felt sad knowing some of the people I had spoken to previously had probably lost their lives.

In October 2001, we were invited to a memorial service at St Paul’s. It was a moving service with a reception at Guildhall. I remember listening to a man describing his conversation with a New York colleague over the intercom system and he explained how he just heard manic screaming as people could see the plane heading straight for them, then hearing the impact and then hearing the deadly silence.

In the months that followed M worked in New York a lot and I changed job’s and started working in Canary Wharf tower. I would often see the planes taking off at city airport and get a little nervous. There were lots of security scares and we would have to evacuate. After 25 minutes of walking down the stairwells, it made me and my colleagues think. If something happened in Canary Wharf would we get out?

Eventually, M and I split up and Mr Bouche and I started dating. In February 2004 Mr Bouche took me to New York for valentine’s day. We did the usual sites but Mr Bouche said there is somewhere he needed to go.

When we reached Ground Zero, I was overwhelmed to see all the names on the memorial board. There was still a missing person’s board and it felt still very new even though it had been almost two and half years since the attacks. It was very important to Mr Bouche to go to ground zero. He had worked in the twin towers and had lost friends. It was important for him to find the names of his friends on the memorial board, which we did along with M’s friend.

Ten years on and it still feels like recent news. One thing is for sure most of us will never forget where we were, when we heard the devastating news.

Ground Zero


Ground Zero Feb 2004

Ground Zero Feb 2004

The sphere in Battery Park which was recovered in the rubble

Myself in Battery Park near Ground Zero


I am so lucky…

It has been a horrendous couple of weeks in Boucheland. After our appointment at Guys Hospital, Bouche’s brain has been going ten to the dozen. The main things running through my head are…

  • PGD IVF has a 20% success rate
  • We may not get NHS funding as we have little J, even though he is not my biological child
  • PGD IVF is about £8000 if you want to go private
  • The drugs are going to make me super moody
  • Poor Mr Bouche ending up with me. I hope it doesn’t get too much for him!
  • I feel like no one understands what this will entail for us
  • Mr Bouche wanted a big family. This is not going to be an option now. I hope he is not disappointed
  • I am a failure
  • Huntington’s destroyed my family. Will it destroy the family I am creating?
  • Everyday, I have to stop myself from crying at least once.
  • I feel so alone
  • What if PGD IVF doesn’t work. Then, what will we do?

As the days have passed, my thoughts have become less manic and I finally feel like the dark cloud that has followed me for the last 15 days is dispersing.

Mr Bouche and I, had a period of two days this week where we were not speaking. I was stressed out and gave him a hard time. I now remember why I married him. He is being really supportive and he is backing my decision, 100%.

My friends have been great, not asking all the time but they have all the info and are checking in with me every couple of days.

My in-laws have been fantastic. Even though this is all new to them, they are understanding and being so supportive.

My Mum isn’t great at being supportive but she is doing her best. I am grateful.

My aunt and uncle have been amazing. My uncle is like my second Dad, he is my Dad’s brother. He gave me away at my wedding last year and he comes  a close second to my Dad. My aunt is also incredible and she probably knows me better than my Mum. I can tell auntie L anything!

Last weekend was full on. We went to my cousin’s, daughter’s 2 nd birthday party on saturday. I spent most of the day explaining to my cousin, grandparents and aunt and uncle (on my mum’s side) what we were being referred for. The process and the statistics. By the time I got home saturday evening I was mentally exhausted!

Sunday we went to Uncle R and Auntie L’s for a BBQ. They knew some of what happened at the appointment but they asked me for more details. After explaining what happened and choices etc, the response was overwhelming and tears followed.

After some cuddling, my uncle parped up. ‘Well, if you don’t get the funding we will breed one of the dogs to pay for a cycle of treatment’. It is important to mention, they breed pedigree english and french bulldogs. Then, Auntie L said ‘well, there’s nothing wrong with my eggs, I’m only 42 and you can have them!’

While I will probably never take them up on either offer, I realised that they wanted this for us, as much as we do. Uncle R has always been supportive as he is as at much risk of Huntington’s disease as me. It made me realise that I am not alone and we WILL do this. We HAVE to.

Since sunday the cloud has slowly disappeared and I am feeling positive.

I am so lucky to have the support, that I have. I know all the support I have is going to get me through this. Mr Bouche seems quite positive in general and is a little miffed by my sadness. His positivity, my in-laws support, my friends shoulder’s and my family’s unconditional love with get me through the dark days.


Bouche x x x

The bigger the wallet the smaller the conscience!

Another day, another super injunction. Today, Sir Fred Goodwin, the man ‘responsible’ for the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland has been exposed as the latest cheat, to apply for a super injunction. Lord Stoneham however believes that hiding his affair with a senior employee of RBS is not in the public interest.
Affairs in the city are rife in my opinion. I have worked in the square mile long enough and seen some shocking behaviour. The wealthy and somewhat powerful trader on a night out. Trying to pull the newest secretary with a bottle of over priced champagne, whilst the wife is at home bathing and putting their children to bed. The senior executive asking his PA to buy gifts for the wife whilst he takes the said PA for ‘long lunches’ and gives her access to his credit card. Let’s also not forget the account manager who is sleeping his way through his rollerdex.
Private lives are just that in my opinion and I often think of the poor wife or girlfriend when the cheats are exposed in some tabloid. Is it helpful to have that information in the public domain? I am not sure. Being cheated on is humiliating enough without having the sordid details in print.
I guess exposing an affair which was taking place in an organisation which was close to collapse, should be exposed.
What I do find hard to swallow with these super injunctions, is that, if you have enough money you can seemingly get away with it. Not only that but if the ‘other woman’ does not have enough money for an injunction of her own, she has to deal with the fall out.
I would just like to say that I don’t condone what these women do, when they get involved with married men. However, one of these women I do feel sorry for is Imogen Thomas. The treatment that she is receiving from the press and the public is disgusting. Imogen Thomas, was a big brother contestant who had an affair with a premiership footballer. He has protected himself with a super injunction and she is left to deal with media backlash as she doesn’t have the money for an injunction herself. Why should she have to take the entire blame? It seems it takes two to tango but with a large bank balance one to foxtrot from the blame and responsibility! Grrrr
Bouche x x x


I have been tagged by the gorgeous Nova at in the three by nine meme. Thanks Nova x

I have been asked to answer the following questions and then tag others to do the same:

  • Three names I go by: Jo, Jiffy and Bouche


  • Three Places I have lived: Broadstairs, Bexleyheath and Greenhithe


  • Three places I have worked: Stakis Dartford Bridge Hotel (now Hilton), Kings College School, Wimbledon and JP Morgan Chase.


  • Three things I love to watch: Sex and the City, My step son and Husband cuddling and the sun setting at Mambo’s in Ibiza


  • Three places I have been and love: Ibiza, New York and Praia Rocha, Portugal


  • Three people who email me regularly: Rachel, Lucy and Ange (My gorgeous friends)


  • Three things I love to eat: Chinese food, Thai food and Olives


  • Three people who I think will respond: Doris, Nikki and Wendy


  • Three things I am looking forward to: Our holiday to Portugal in September, My girlie weekend to Butlins in November and maybe adding to my beautiful family one day.


I am tagging the following people to see if they fancy having a go too. However, please feel free to have a go too reader and comment below!

Bouche x x x

Tuesday Tunage #2

It’s that time again people! Tunage Tuesday!
This weeks selection is inspired by comic relief and the desert trek.

The first of the tunes is Rewind by The Artful Dodger featuring Craig David. This song has great memories for me and when it was released in 1999 I was out almost every weekend cutting shapes to the latest garage sounds. This was a massive tune back then and it was almost unheard of, to have a number 2 chart hit with a garage tune. It graced most garage compilations and was almost always played in my house whilst getting ready for a night out on the town.
Rewind, is a soulful garage anthem which makes me bob my head (even on the train) and occasionally a mixing hand to demonstrate my rewind!
Bo selecta! Thanks Craig for rewind. Even 12 years on it is still a cracking tune. I would also like to thank you for sharing your guns during Comic Relief’s desert trek!

My second tune of the week is Please don’t let me go by Olly Murs.
Please don’t let me go is an upbeat soulful tune with a reggae undertone. I love it! It really cheers me up when I hear it and listening to it on the move makes me walk with a bounce!
Some were really critical of this song but I think it’s really refreshing and brave of Olly to make music that might not be run of the mill.
Olly is such a character and I really hope he does well. He doesn’t come across as the usual reality show star who gets a little too big for their boots far too quickly. He seems like a well grounded and lovely young man who you could take home to meet your nanna!
Olly also looked amazing in those tight shorts on the comic relief desert trek.
Olly please don’t change. You have a music style which is unique and your pretty cute too!

Bouche x x x

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