Bouche’s favourite Christmas song

Those of you that follow me on twitter or know me personally will know that I am not a massive fan of Christmas. Christmas has never been the same for me since my Dad reached the latter stages of HD. I miss curling up on the sofa with Daddy Bouche and watching a Christmas film whilst munching on a chocolate orange or some matchmakers.
Mr Bouche is also a bit of a Bah humbug and this year especially, we are really not feeling the Christmas vibe after losing Mr Bouche’s mum last month.
There are some aspects of Christmas that I do enjoy. I love buying gifts for my nearest and dearest. I love going to church on Christmas Eve for christingle, I love a mulled wine and a slice of stollen and I love a Christmas song.

My favourite Christmas song of all time is Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl. I love the foot stamping chorus and I will at some point over the festive season, be found belting this song out with some feet stamping!

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Bouche x x x


You are beautiful, no matter what they say.


Can anyone tell me what I wrong with the above picture? Anyone?

In my opinion the picture of young Ms Aguilera is stunning. She looks so healthy and the Michael Kors dress looks beautiful on her. After years of looking like she needed a decent meal, she now looks womanly and sexier than ever.

So why is it, the press refer to her as overweight, that she has ‘squeezed herself into her dress’ and that it does nothing for her figure?

It was only yesterday, that I read that Kelly Brook’s curves were what dieting women aimed for, over a super slim Victoria Beckham. I wonder if you asked a group of both men and women whether she looks healthy and sexy what their answer would be?

In fact that is exactly what I have done today. Well, I asked people what the first word that came into their head, when they saw the above picture and I am pleased to say that not one person commented on her weight!

I wonder what these journalists writing these articles look like? I bet no where near as beautiful as Ms Aguilera. She is a talented, attractive mum who supports numerous charities and puts her status to good use! Why focus on the fact that her backside is a little larger than it once was. Regardless, she would look great in this dress size 6 or size 16.

So what is wrong with this picture? Absolutely sweet FA I tell you! She looks great.

I will leave you with the following question from a colleague at work ‘you’re not buying that dress are you?’
When I said no, the response was ‘good, not sure you could pull it off!’

Big bottomed Bouche (who is a little bit jealous that Christina would always pull that dress off!)


Bouche has a blog vacation

It wasn’t intentional but I have had a little blog vacation. I had lost my inspiration and I always believe that if I have nothing worthwhile to talk about then I probably shouldn’t write at all. I hate reading half baked blog posts which seem to be written to fill a gap between posts. So I had a blog vacation.
In the past month I have started a new job, which I love. Finally, since being made redundant last year, I get up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead. My new work colleagues are fab and I really love going to work every day. May it long continue!

I’ve also started reading books again. I fell out of love with reading a while back. I went through a stage of not enjoying a single book I read and I must have started about a dozen books, of which were never finished. I don’t often follow the crowd and if people are raving about a book I usually give it a wide berth. Then a few weeks back, after many recommendations and soooo much hype I decided that I would give the 50 shades of grey trilogy a chance. It had two chapters to draw me in. I wasn’t expecting much but I became a sheep and followed the flock!
Now you won’t be getting me raving about how well written it is, because it isn’t. The sex scenes are ok, some more racier than others but as I expected. However, the story itself it is quite good and the romance is what has kept me going through all three (I am halfway through 50 shades freed). I am enjoying the books but I cannot understand the thousands of women who now want to be flogged, blindfolded and restrained all off the back of this book. A certain supermarket chain last week, advertised that they would be running a special offer on cable ties. Oh please!

I have also discovered spotify. Many an hour I have spent downloading and creating playlists. I have rediscovered my love for the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison and Prince. I have also downloaded some favourites missing from my music collection like tracks from Alexander O’Neil and Nirvana. It seems I have also been downloading after a few wines, as I discovered today when stumbling on New addition and Color me Badd! So be warned there will be some more music posts coming soon!

Bouche x x x

Bouche and the clubbing years

I love music. I love all the memories that come with certain songs and how you can listen to a song and it can take you back to a moment in time.  Over the years I have been to some fantastic clubs and festivals both home and abroad.  I have had some fantastic nights in the famous clubs in Ibiza along with some amazing days and nights at some of the best music festivals. I have quite a back catalogue of jungle, Garage, trance and house music. I can often be seen cutting shapes in my front room or bobbing my head on the daily commute whilst listening and reminiscing to some of my favourite tunes.

So when my blogging chum Nickie tagged me in her Rave years post this week, I felt it only proper to share some of my All time favourite tunes with you all.


Bouche x x x

Our song

A couple of weeks ago Nickie at wrote a post about her and her husband’s ‘song’. and gave me some inspiration to write a similar post.

Mr Bouche and I do have ‘our song’. It is a remix of Clocks by Coldplay and it was played at Manumission in Ibiza by the dj Fatboy Slim. We both have the same feelings about this song. We both realised that night that we were in love and thus it has become our song.

However, when we were planning our wedding, this song seemed an inappropriate choice as a first dance as the words to clocks aren’t very romantic. Choosing the first dance song was the hardest decision we had to make for our wedding and eventually we settled on a song. However, we both regret our decision and wished we had chosen something else.

This was our choice.

We had some songs in our shortlist which we wished we had had as the first dance. However, they were played during our wedding.–Ng

All of these songs have great meaning to us.

What is your song?

Bouche x x x

A series of firsts

Yesterday, my friend Paula at Cad E An Sceal tagged me in her post about a series of firsts. So here goes. I hope you learn something new about me!

Who was your first boyfriend?
His name was Jason Barth. I was around 9 and he was the cutest boy in the school. I recently bumped into him outside my office. He didn’t recognise me but I sent him a message on Facebook. He never replied! Ha ha

The first person you kissed?
My first proper French kiss was with an older boy that had a chalet at the same holiday park as my parents. I was 13, he was 16 and he was lovely although I didn’t appreciate him slipping me the tongue in front of my aunt and uncle. Oh the shame!

First job?
My first job was working for Stakis hotel group before they were taken over by Hilton. I was studying for my A levels and I used to work in banqueting. We used to have so much fun and I met my first love at the hotel. The best memories were of playing music after service, having a boogie whilst laying out for breakfast whilst drinking a Tia Maria and coke!

What did I buy with my first pay packet?
I had left home by then so it went on bills, college fees but I had enough for a night out and half a lager!

First cd you remember buying
The first cd I ever bought was colour me badd, I wanna sex you up. The first song I ever bought was Happy birthday by Altered images, which was on vinyl 7inch.

First holiday abroad?
My first holiday abroad was to Marbella. All I remember was that we were staying in a villa once owned by Marti Cane (remember her?!) and we were near McDonald’s!

What age were you when you moved out of the family home?
I was 18. It wasn’t a good time in my life. My mum had turned her back on my dad and they had split up. It was the start of a 4 year silence between me and my mum. However, I was determined to do everything on my own and I did.

Shall I pass the firsts on? Yeah. Onto Doris at

Bouche x x x

Everyday I’m shufflin’

A couple of weeks back the radio one breakfast show inspired Nickie @ Typecast to post about the MP3 shuffle game.

So whilst on my daily commute I hit shuffle five times and this is what I got from my iPhone. Enjoy!

I apologise that some of the songs do not have videos as such. Some of the music I listen to doesn’t make mainstream charts.

What’s on your shuffle?

Bouche x x x

Goodbye 2011

So that’s it. 2011 is over and 2012 is upon us. I can’t lie, 2011 has been a disappointment but that said I thought I would give you a run down of Bouche’s year anyway!

January – I started my blog! After months of tooing and froing I finally did it! Mr Bouche turned 32. I joined Weight Watchers, with the view of losing three stone.

February – Was a quiet month but I spent 5 hours at Guys hospital having my root canal treated. I helped a good friend move into her home after a turbulent 18 months for her

March – Little J turned 9 and I suddenly realised that he as becoming a young man. My good friend Doris and I headed to the cinema and ended up in London Gallery’s and had a fab night. Mr Bouche took me on a date, even though I had, had three hours of root canal treatment!

April – April brought Easter and lots of family time. I spent lots of time with Daddy Bouche. I also visited my GP to be referred to the genetics clinic at Guys. The first of the 2011 babies was born to a good friend and he is a beaut. Our girly trip to Butlins was booked for later in the year. The royal wedding brought a houseful at 11am and some hangovers the next day!

May – The second of our 2011 babies arrived and he is a handsome chap. My mother in law turned 60 and we had a lovely day at my sister in-law’s. More root canal treatment for Bouche and a big girly night out. We also went for our first appointment at Guys Hospital to discuss our options at the Genetic clinic.

June – My sister and law and I headed to Wembley to see Take That in concert. June also saw Huntington’s awareness week and the summer party at my Dad’s home. I attended an Ann Summer’s party which was more than fun. We also had a family get together at Mr Bouche’s Dad’s house and I finally met his aunt from New Zealand.

July – July brought the third of our 2011 babies and she is absolutely adorable! I also headed to Essex for Essex Polo which was hilarious and so much fun. Amy Winehouse passed away and I wrote the saddest tunage tuesday. July also brought a client go karting event at work and despite being very competitive my team came second from bottom!

August – I bravely had my second tattoo, of our wedding date in roman numerals on my wrist. We joined the local Huntington’s Disease support group for a meeting and made some new friends. We also celebrated our first wedding anniversary and had a bit of a shindig at home.

September – I turned 32, this involved a carvery lunch, a girly breakfast on my birthday, dinner with my aunt and uncle and a big girl’s night out. We also took Little J to the O2 to see Batman live. Babies number four and five arrived (twins) and are real smashers! I took my cousin to a wedding fayre and she asked me to make a speech at her wedding. Both Mr Bouche and I were personally affected by 9/11 and we remebered the date by purchasing a beautiful canvas of New York for our lounge. I also worked in the disaster recovery site and got to see Daddy Bouche lots that week, as I was based near his home. September also brought worry. We went to Guys Hospital and after they had looked at family history, they wanted to test me for a duplication of chromosome 15. It was one long week but all was well and I was negative.

October – October started with a sex and the city afternoon tea in London and a family bbq at my aunt and uncles (otherwise known as mum and dad number 2). We had a wedding reception which was fab and a visit to Mr Bouche’s uncle’s restaurant in London. I started organising my cousin’s hen weekend. Work was frantic and looked as if we were in trouble and our jobs were at risk.

November – We had another wedding reception, a 30+1 birthday party and the girly Butlins 80’s weekender. It was also the month that my company collapsed and I was made redundant along with half of the company, with the further 50% go early in 2012. With that it brought leaving drinks and an interview.

December – The start of my unemployment! My little sister was 9 and we had a tea party at Casa Bouche. I had a girly curry evening. Lots of christmas shopping was done. I met up with my cousin for some wedding preparation shopping. I signed on. I claimed ppi. We had an appointment at Guys and missed it as we were stuck in traffic. I had two interviews and am still waiting for the result. We had a visit from an absent friend. I avoided my family at christmas (I saw them on the 23rd, this isn’t really christmas is it?). We saw Little J on christmas eve and gave him his presents. Christmas day we visited Daddy Bouche and then came home for the Bouche’s christmas where we saw no-one but ourselves! Boxing day, we went to Mr Bouche’s sisters ( and had a lovely day. The 27th saw us at Mr Bouche’s Dad’s which was eventful as usual. The rest of December has seen me mainly eating cold meat, cheese and pickles and drinking wine in my pj’s! I have managed to apply for some jobs and have an interview lined up for early January. Mr Bouche and I spent New Years together in doors, toasting the new year in and ushering 2011 out!

What will 2012 bring? Below is what I know will happen for certain!

An interview in January, which I hope will be successful and bring a whole new adventure.

A wedding in February. Mr Bouche’s best friend’s sister gets married.

A hen do in March organised by myself for my darling cousin.

A wedding in April, where I will be the acting mother of the bride and will read a speech about my fabulous cousin in a father of the bride fashion.

Little J doing his 11 plus. Wowsers, where has the time gone?!

The Olympics hitting London.

Our nephew goes to university.

Everything else will be, no doubt a rollercoaster!

Happy new year everyone, lets hoping 2012 will be fantastic!

Bouche x x x

Bouche does Butlins!

Earlier this year a good friend of mine sent out a group email asking if anyone fancied a weekend away. The last girl’s weekend that I been away for, was a visit to spa hotel with some girlfriends for my hen celebrations. So when I read the email I jumped at the chance for a restful luxury break.

However, a restful luxury break was not what she had in mind! The destination was to be Butlins in Bognor Regis, Sussex and it was for an 80’s extravaganza which would entail fancy dress and lots of alcohol. Did this deter me? Did it heck! Count me in I exclaimed!

So after months of preparation, we headed down to Bognor a couple of Fridays ago. I was a little nervous about what sort of accommodation we would be staying in. I had been to Butlins twice before in my teens and the apartments were extremely basic. However, I needn’t have been concerned. Our apartments were well maintained, clean and spacious.

After checking in and finding our apartments, we did what any self-respecting 30 something women do and had a shot and a vodka! We glammed up and headed out for the evening. Much alcohol flowed, shapes were cut and vast amounts of laughter were heard. The music was brilliant and we managed to catch Katrina and the Waves. It was a great night and we certainly had sore heads the next day! 

On the saturday, we headed into Bognor town and had a pub lunch and some even managed hair of the dog! After lunch the 4am finish the night before had finished me off and I headed back to camp for a well-earned disco nap, ready for the craziness ahead.

Saturday nights on these Butlins themed weekends are all about the dressing up. We all obliged and we did ourselves proud. We had Madonna, virgin airhostesses, some neon disco queens, buckaroo, ghost busters, a pregnant Frankie goes to hollywood fan and even a space hopper!

It was only when we reached the bar area that we realised how seriously people take the dressing up! There were a group of at least 40 Oaps, a group of Stevie wonders, Brownies, WWF wrestlers, top gun pilots, bagpuss, pink panther and even a group of Oompa Loompas.

Lets just say after two nights on the razz, and an afternoon of drinking cocktails and wine on the sunday, sunday evening was a little more tame and Bouche was in bed by 1.30am!

The entire weekend was EPIC and I am a total Butlins convert. Any stigma attached to holiday camp breaks has disappeared and I am even thinking about the next girls getaway. We are a very diverse group of ladies and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was one of the best weekends I have had and cannot wait to return!

Bouche x x x