Maid of honour

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of having a sister (my actual sister was born when I was 23) I was stuck with brothers and they didn’t appreciate it when I tried to turn them into a sister, with the help of Mum’s Wardrobe and some makeup. So when my Mum’s sister had a baby girl, I was in my element. We lived in different counties but our Mum’s were close, so we grew up together. I used to get so excited when I knew I was going to see my cousin, so much so that on one occasion I actually wet myself in the car journey there.
Although our worlds were very different, I lived in a very middle class street with parents that were still together and financially, I guess we were doing better than most. My cousin was born to a teenage mum, with a wayward dad and lived in a poor part of town. It didn’t matter to me that we were a little different. I loved being with her and often used to beg my mum and Dad to let me stay there in the holidays.
As we grew into adults we both became distant from our Mum’s and for a short time we became a little distant ourselves ( Our mother’s doing,it is probably important to mention). We both knuckled down and got good jobs, along with settling down and deciding to marry wonderful men.
In the past two years we have become closer than ever and, when my cousin told me that she was getting married I was thrilled for her. She excitedly told me of her plans and the things she had seen for her big day. She asked my advice and I was happy to find nail salons and veils.
Back in the summer, she asked me to organise her hen weekend. I was thrilled to be getting involved. I won’t lie, organising so many women was hard work but we had a great time in Brighton earlier this month. She also asked me to make a speech as sadly her parent’s nor sister will be present at the wedding.
Apparently, I am good at talking and she wanted someone who had known her all her life to speak in place of the father of the bride’s speech. I was very choked up when she asked and even as I am writing the speech, I have emotional moments.
So you can imagine what I was like when she asked me to be her bridesmaid. A blubbering mess to be precise. So Easter Saturday, I have the honour of being the maid, the father and the cousin. She is going to make me so proud and I hope I say and do all that is required. So that everyone knows how much I love her and am so proud of her and all that she has achieved and become.

Bouche x x x


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