Change of mentality

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crap to be honest. We have had a lot to deal with as a family and at times it has been almost impossible to get through the day without some kind of melt down. I am a pretty tough old bird but it is usually during times of stress that I reach for unhealthy food to make myself feel better. I am a real emotional eater and nothing lifts my mood better than some cheese, crisps and pate!
I recently posted about re-joining Weight Watchers and my determination to actually lose weight this time. Rather than lose it, crash and then regain all the lost weight.

So I am now on week 5, and I have lost 13 pounds. I have to say I am a little gutted that I am one pound shy of losing the stone I wanted to, for my cousin’s wedding. However, I still have two weeks until the wedding so I am a little ahead of target. I do have another two stone to lose but I have never been so determined to lose this weight.
The focus of losing weight has stopped me losing the plot the past couple of weeks. Maybe I have actually broken the cycle of emotional eating. I am no longer ‘rewarding’ myself for losing weight each week and I can finally imagine eating this way for the rest of my life. Mr Bouche has embraced the concept, that we now eat healthy and often sends me a picture of his lunch! However, I am not going to deprive myself of the wine despite Mr Cameron’s efforts on his ban on 3 for £10 offers (bastard!).
This is the most consistent weight loss I have ever had and I am loving the results. I have dropped a dress size and I can actually visualise what I will look like when I am at goal. Nothing is going to break me this time. Size 10, I am coming to get you!

Bouche x x x


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  1. I am with you on this one Love, I have finally found the reson to get the weight off, and I am even enjoying the challange. No more are the Friday afternoon tasty treats for losing the odd pound here and there, we will get there !!

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