Bouche’s favourite Christmas song

Those of you that follow me on twitter or know me personally will know that I am not a massive fan of Christmas. Christmas has never been the same for me since my Dad reached the latter stages of HD. I miss curling up on the sofa with Daddy Bouche and watching a Christmas film whilst munching on a chocolate orange or some matchmakers.
Mr Bouche is also a bit of a Bah humbug and this year especially, we are really not feeling the Christmas vibe after losing Mr Bouche’s mum last month.
There are some aspects of Christmas that I do enjoy. I love buying gifts for my nearest and dearest. I love going to church on Christmas Eve for christingle, I love a mulled wine and a slice of stollen and I love a Christmas song.

My favourite Christmas song of all time is Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl. I love the foot stamping chorus and I will at some point over the festive season, be found belting this song out with some feet stamping!

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Bouche x x x


Goodbye 2011

So that’s it. 2011 is over and 2012 is upon us. I can’t lie, 2011 has been a disappointment but that said I thought I would give you a run down of Bouche’s year anyway!

January – I started my blog! After months of tooing and froing I finally did it! Mr Bouche turned 32. I joined Weight Watchers, with the view of losing three stone.

February – Was a quiet month but I spent 5 hours at Guys hospital having my root canal treated. I helped a good friend move into her home after a turbulent 18 months for her

March – Little J turned 9 and I suddenly realised that he as becoming a young man. My good friend Doris and I headed to the cinema and ended up in London Gallery’s and had a fab night. Mr Bouche took me on a date, even though I had, had three hours of root canal treatment!

April – April brought Easter and lots of family time. I spent lots of time with Daddy Bouche. I also visited my GP to be referred to the genetics clinic at Guys. The first of the 2011 babies was born to a good friend and he is a beaut. Our girly trip to Butlins was booked for later in the year. The royal wedding brought a houseful at 11am and some hangovers the next day!

May – The second of our 2011 babies arrived and he is a handsome chap. My mother in law turned 60 and we had a lovely day at my sister in-law’s. More root canal treatment for Bouche and a big girly night out. We also went for our first appointment at Guys Hospital to discuss our options at the Genetic clinic.

June – My sister and law and I headed to Wembley to see Take That in concert. June also saw Huntington’s awareness week and the summer party at my Dad’s home. I attended an Ann Summer’s party which was more than fun. We also had a family get together at Mr Bouche’s Dad’s house and I finally met his aunt from New Zealand.

July – July brought the third of our 2011 babies and she is absolutely adorable! I also headed to Essex for Essex Polo which was hilarious and so much fun. Amy Winehouse passed away and I wrote the saddest tunage tuesday. July also brought a client go karting event at work and despite being very competitive my team came second from bottom!

August – I bravely had my second tattoo, of our wedding date in roman numerals on my wrist. We joined the local Huntington’s Disease support group for a meeting and made some new friends. We also celebrated our first wedding anniversary and had a bit of a shindig at home.

September – I turned 32, this involved a carvery lunch, a girly breakfast on my birthday, dinner with my aunt and uncle and a big girl’s night out. We also took Little J to the O2 to see Batman live. Babies number four and five arrived (twins) and are real smashers! I took my cousin to a wedding fayre and she asked me to make a speech at her wedding. Both Mr Bouche and I were personally affected by 9/11 and we remebered the date by purchasing a beautiful canvas of New York for our lounge. I also worked in the disaster recovery site and got to see Daddy Bouche lots that week, as I was based near his home. September also brought worry. We went to Guys Hospital and after they had looked at family history, they wanted to test me for a duplication of chromosome 15. It was one long week but all was well and I was negative.

October – October started with a sex and the city afternoon tea in London and a family bbq at my aunt and uncles (otherwise known as mum and dad number 2). We had a wedding reception which was fab and a visit to Mr Bouche’s uncle’s restaurant in London. I started organising my cousin’s hen weekend. Work was frantic and looked as if we were in trouble and our jobs were at risk.

November – We had another wedding reception, a 30+1 birthday party and the girly Butlins 80’s weekender. It was also the month that my company collapsed and I was made redundant along with half of the company, with the further 50% go early in 2012. With that it brought leaving drinks and an interview.

December – The start of my unemployment! My little sister was 9 and we had a tea party at Casa Bouche. I had a girly curry evening. Lots of christmas shopping was done. I met up with my cousin for some wedding preparation shopping. I signed on. I claimed ppi. We had an appointment at Guys and missed it as we were stuck in traffic. I had two interviews and am still waiting for the result. We had a visit from an absent friend. I avoided my family at christmas (I saw them on the 23rd, this isn’t really christmas is it?). We saw Little J on christmas eve and gave him his presents. Christmas day we visited Daddy Bouche and then came home for the Bouche’s christmas where we saw no-one but ourselves! Boxing day, we went to Mr Bouche’s sisters ( and had a lovely day. The 27th saw us at Mr Bouche’s Dad’s which was eventful as usual. The rest of December has seen me mainly eating cold meat, cheese and pickles and drinking wine in my pj’s! I have managed to apply for some jobs and have an interview lined up for early January. Mr Bouche and I spent New Years together in doors, toasting the new year in and ushering 2011 out!

What will 2012 bring? Below is what I know will happen for certain!

An interview in January, which I hope will be successful and bring a whole new adventure.

A wedding in February. Mr Bouche’s best friend’s sister gets married.

A hen do in March organised by myself for my darling cousin.

A wedding in April, where I will be the acting mother of the bride and will read a speech about my fabulous cousin in a father of the bride fashion.

Little J doing his 11 plus. Wowsers, where has the time gone?!

The Olympics hitting London.

Our nephew goes to university.

Everything else will be, no doubt a rollercoaster!

Happy new year everyone, lets hoping 2012 will be fantastic!

Bouche x x x

Bah humbug!

This time last year I was half way through my christmas shopping. New decorations for my tree had been bought, I was busy making menu decisions for christmas day and had even made my own mince pies.

Now, don’t start thinking I am one of those Kirsty Allsopp types who start their christmas shopping in June, pickle their own onions and make fantastic personalised gifts. I am not! I don’t even really like christmas!

Mr Bouche and I have a mutual dislike for christmas and would happily stay indoors from December 24th to December 28th and not see a soul! We always shun family christmas dinner and instead choose to eat christmas lunch together and enjoy the day, just the two of us. We do visit Daddy Bouche on christmas morning but we always decline invitations.

You see, Christmas is not the same as we both feel a little lost. I have never enjoyed christmas since my Dad was diagnosed with HD. Christmas has never been the same. I don’t get along with my step dad and cannot think of anything worse than spending christmas day with him, over my dad.

Mr Bouche always feels a little sad. Little J usually spends christmas day and boxing day with his Mum and her family. It is hard for him to spend christmas day without little J and even harder to spend it with other children.

Last year, however, was the most perfect christmas. Little J had decided to spend christmas eve with us and woke up with us on christmas morning, the first time in 8 years. Even if it was 4.30am, it was just perfect. We had a family breakfast and we got to see Little J’s christmas morning face! I went into overdrive to make it the perfect day. It was the first christmas as a married couple and the first christmas in our house. The tree was up, on the first week of December and all the presents were wrapped weeks in advance.

This year could not be more different. I have bought three christmas presents. Every time that bloody coca cola advert comes on, I turn the tv over. Whilst in the supermarket this week, when I heard the christmas songs being played I put my iPod on and listened through the head phones and don’t even get me started on the John Lewis ad. Has christmas started early this year?

We have no definite answers from Little J as to whether he wants to stay on christmas eve, but I guess we are both expecting it to be a no. I can’t even start to get organised. I have zero interest this year. I don’t think being made redundant has helped and I am hoping the whole christmas period will pass whilst I am asleep.

I know it will be different when we have a baby. Maybe Little J will want to be with us all christmas, maybe we will embrace all family gatherings and not feel like something is missing, maybe I will buy presents in June and pickle my own onions!

Bah Humbug Bouche x x x

Woop for winter

In recent weeks, I have heard many people complaining that the summer is over and the winter months are here.
Me? I am secretly rejoicing! When I’ve explained my pleasure to people about being able to get my winter coats out, it has been met with a bemused response.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the summer, I have a fondness for sandals and I love a relaxing beach holiday. However, I do love the autumn and winter.
I love being able to accessorise my coat with gorgeous hats, scarves and gloves. I have found myself lusting after the accessories in Reiss of late and I cannot wait for payday when I am going to treat myself to this.
I love patterned tights and long boots and I love my chunky knits to snuggle in. Not to mention slippers. Oh how I love slippers!
Winter fashion always seems so much more formal, even when it’s casual. I think my style just suits winter so much more and I feel more elegant and stylish.

However, my love of autumn and winter is not just about fashion, it is all that comes during the seasons. I love seeing all the children dressing up for Halloween, it is also has fond memories, as Mr Bouche proposed on the spooky night in question.
I also love getting wrapped up warm and watching firework displays. I don’t love fireworks but I love the bonfire and the tradition. Plus, I love a bonfired sausage!
Then we have Christmas. Whilst I rarely spend it with my family. I really look forward to spending quality time with Mr Bouche when we lock ourselves away on christmas day, enjoy a lavish dinner together and generally get quite drunk on champagne!

Then we have Mr Bouche’s birthday in January which is usually followed by snow. Whilst being a nightmare for commuting to work, the fun we had last year with little J, my little sister K and a sledge still makes me smile when I think about it.

So if you ever here me moaning about how cold it is, remind me that I love it!

Bouche x x x

Christmas is coming……

It is about this time of year that I start thinking about Christmas! Yes, Christmas!

Please don’t think I am one of those smug people who rush out during the January sales and purchases presents for the next Christmas. I am not.

In order to prevent any panic when little J and Mr Bouche start mentioning things they want for Christmas, I start preparing myself for the worse!

I already have a little spreadsheet with potential presents that will be requested and a formula to calculate how painful it could be. There are 6 pay days left until Christmas so I have to start saving!

Currently on the list we have Nike I.d trainers for little J at £65

A Nintendo 3DSi at the bargain price of £230!

An Apple Ipad2. Currently retailing at £450 for the 16gb

Oh and two copies of Call of Duty modern Welfare 3, which is out in November, for both Little J and Mr Bouche

Now today, I started reading a news story about what will be the best sellers will be this Christmas. Hamley’s (the London Toy store) have kindly compiled a list of what’s hot for children this Christmas. Oh My God

Top of the list is a motorised Dalek. Now, I am praying little J is too big for this! At £200, I get sweaty palms just thinking that this might appear on his list along with the Nintendo and trainers! I may have to remind him that Daddy and I only got a lump of coal and some Satsuma’s in our stocking (nod nod wink wink)

Inflatable Dalek outside Hamleys toy store

So the Christmas saving starts this payday…. Eeek even if it is June!

Bouche x x x

P.s I hope Santa doesn’t forget to read my list. I would quite like one of the below 😉

A Chloe Paraty Bag

Paraty shoulder bag

Or maybe An Alexander McQueen scarf?

Classic skull scarf navy⁄white

Or Lastly this beautiful Swarovski ring!

Nirvana Tanzanite Ring