Return of the Bouche

A couple of months ago, I realised that I hadn’t blogged for a while and I thought to myself that I should get back to it and write a post. But, if I am honest I just couldn’t be bothered. It wasn’t that I had fell out of love with the Bouche blog or that I didn’t want to write (I have had plenty to write about!) I can’t even say I haven’t had time as I had six and a half weeks off in the summer after having carpal tunnel surgery!
I can’t really pinpoint what has made me not want to blog. It is probably been an amalgamation of things. I know feel like I want to blog again and hopefully this time, I won’t lose my momentum.

My last post told of my pending motor test for HD and touched very slightly on how I was feeling about it. I was very nervous as I had convinced myself that I was showing signs of HD. I have always had a firm plan regarding any kind of testing for Huntington’s disease.
I am very anti having the genetic testing for Huntington’s disease done. I have always said that if I was concerned that I was showing symptoms that I would have the motor function test done first. If this showed that I was showing some symptoms, then I would have the full genetic test done.
So I had the motor test done and I am not showing any symptoms of HD, which means I won’t be taking the gene test in the foreseeable future. Which came as huge relief. It also gave us the green light to start trying for a baby. Our baby plans came to a halt last year as Mr Bouche’s mum was diagnosed with lung cancer in February 2012 and passed away in November 2012. But, we decided to start trying in July this year (I have another post on this, following shortly!)

I have put all my personal fears to rest for now. However, Daddy Bouche has been going downhill slowly in 2013. Nothing major, but I just know in his eyes he has had enough. He has had some chest infections and his eating has become a little erratic at times where he does not want his food when being fed. He coughs quite a lot when being fed and his feeding is becoming a concern as he cannot be fed safely anymore.
After a meeting with his gp, speech therapist and staff at his home, it has been decided between us that he will have a peg fitted to feed him directly into his stomach. I have really battled with this in my head as his eating was the last one pleasure he had (albeit eating puréed food). I feel like I am forcing something on him that he wouldn’t want but I also cannot let him be fed dangerously or not at all. It has been really hard and we are just waiting on the appointment for the gastroentologist.

My younger brother M has also decided to have the HD test a few weeks ago and he gets his result next week. I am terrified for him. There is a part of me that thinks he has HD and I have done for a long while but I still hope that he is HD free. My wonderful uncle (Daddy Bouche’s brother) had the test earlier in the year and was negative which was amazing news. I just hope M has the same result!

More to follow……

Bouche x x x


The Beckham Effect

So the newest edition to the Beckham family arrived yesterday and whilst Baby Beckham’s name is a little different (Harper Seven, if you hadn’t heard!) I am sure the new addition has made their life complete. I mean there is nothing else that this couple and their children could possibly want in their lives surely?

I heard a story about the Beckham’s recently and although it didn’t surprise me it leaves me a little disappointed. An unsuspecting member of the public had what the Beckham’s wanted. Namely a venue booked for their wedding which the Beckham’s wanted to book for the same day. The Beckham’s literally made an offer Joe Public could not refuse and the Beckham’s got their way.

With this in mind it has made me think about the knock on effect celebrities like the Beckham’s have on society. I am not singling them out, z listers who are famous for doing sod all are also to blame as are Wags and footballers.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be one of two things when I was a grown up. I either wanted to be a hairdresser or a racing driver! My younger sister wants to be a footballer’s wife like Coleen Rooney or to win the X factor! Basically, she wants an extravagant life with no real hard work. It disappoints me as she is a bright girl and I hope she changes her mind and has bigger aspirations.

Little J has more aspirations and wants to be in the army but he is very materialistic and we try to tell him how lucky he is but when his classmates have blackberry’s and iPhones (I should add these children are 9 years old) he feels hard done by.

I went to a VIP event this weekend, where there were many celebs (mainly reality stars and tv personalities). I was very lucky as I didn’t have to pay for my ticket. However, I was astounded to see that there were young ladies in their early twenties dressed in couture, tottering about in Christian Laboutins, swinging their designer handbags after arriving in a beaten up old corsa. The same girls were hanging around the bar area saying to their equally glamorous friend that their ticket had cost them so much money that they couldn’t afford to buy a drink! Just to be there and to be seen, seem to validate their existence. (More on this, later this week!)

It seems to be that these celebrities, wags and reality stars make fame and fortune so appealing and so obtainable that my generation, the teens and even younger children want what they have.

No one seems to want to work hard to obtain a nice life anymore. I probably shouldn’t say want, no one wants to work, but I think you know what I mean. Everything is so much more lavish than ever before. Weddings are getting bigger and more expensive. It is the norm to get married in a castle. Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful things, but I work hard for a new handbag or a gorgeous item of clothing. We had a small but beautiful wedding in a gorgeous venue. We knew our limits with our budget and were adamant that we wouldn’t be borrowing any money to do it.

The worst programme on TV is My super sweet 16 on MTV. I simply cannot watch it as it makes me so so angry. Obnoxious 16 year olds having parties which are so obscene it makes me feel sick. These teenagers have the latest chart topping artists singing to them and their closest 800 friends. Then, the parents present the most lavish birthday gift. This usually consists of a car or diamond encrusted watch / jewellery which costs in the region of two teachers salaries. I can’t even face posting a clip of it on here for you to view, because I simply cannot give this programme anymore airplay.

I am sorry to the Beckham’s that this may seem like an attack on you but this craze for fame, extreme extravagance, being famous for just being you seemed to start around the time you two got together. So unfortunately, it seems that you started the ball rolling!

I just hope we have some new role models coming soon. Where they have lovely things but work their arses off to get it!

Bouche x x x