A right to die

If you are someone who doesn’t read newspapers, watch the news or actively participates in social networking then you may not of heard of the case of Tony Nicklinson. For those that do, you will probably be familiar with Tony’s story.

Tony Nicklinson is 58 and suffered a stroke in 2005 and has been suffering with locked in syndrome ever since. Tony has been paralysed ever since and is unable to move anything apart from his eyes and head. Tony has been fighting the British judicial system to allow a doctor to end his life. Tony is deeply unhappy and does not want to carry on with the life, he now lives. He has no motor functions has very little dignity left and wants to end his life.

Last week in the high court, Tony lost his case to change the law on assisted dying. Even though Tony cannot speak, when he heard the news it was obvious how he felt. Devastated.

Although, Tony vowed to carry on fighting. He obviously felt that the fight could not be won and started refusing food. After refusing food after the judgement, Tony caught pneumonia and died at his home on Tuesday.

Tony’s case probably has touched every person who has read about it. For me, it has touched me so much more. My dad has Huntington’s disease and is very much like Tony. He knows what is going on around him and although his memory isn’t very good, I can talk about things with him and he understand and reacts. Like when Mr Bouche and I told him we were getting married, he cried. He cried during our wedding and when I joke around with him he laughs. He cannot speak, has no motor functions and has no real quality of life. I know deep down he would not have wanted this existence. He was such a proud man and to be left the way he is, is extremely sad.

I have 50% chance of having Huntington’s disease too. Mr Bouche and I are doing the necessary to have a baby free of HD, as for my fate we will have to just wait and see. I do not want to be tested. I don’t want to know my destiny. I worry already. I see things I do and wonder if it is HD. There is a big part of me that thinks I have it. If I had to guess as to whether I have it, I would say I am 70% sure that I have HD.

If I do have HD then I know my fate. I will eventually be like my Dad and other HD sufferers I have seen. I will be like Tony Nicklinson. The thought makes me so sad and I am terrified.

I am loud, opinionated, vivacious, vocal and spirited. The thought of not being able to communicate and not being able to sit, stand, walk and hug is not something I want to contemplate.

Mr Bouche and I have spoke about my fears many times. He knows, that I do not want to be like my Dad or Nan was. I pray the law changes, so if I do develop HD, I can decide I want no more and die before the disease takes me to an undignified place. Where my family are scared to see me, when I cannot hug my children or grandchildren, when I cannot show Mr Bouche that I love him and when I am just a feint shadow of myself.

The sadness that Tony Nicklinson showed when he lost his battle against the courts speaks volumes. How tragic that he had to starve himself to death in order to die with some kind of dignity and peace.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with my views but surely a human being should be able to end their pain and misery if they should wish.

R.I.P Tony. I hope you have found peace now.

Bouche x x x


Woop for Team GB!

I have been really looking forward to the Olympics coming to London. So when Friday arrived I parked myself in front of the TV to watch the opening ceremony. I heard from friends who had been to the rehearsals earlier in the week that it was going to be quite spectacular and it did not disappoint.

Living quite close to London the Olympic paraphernalia has been on many local streets. I also work in London and for the past few weeks the Mayor of London has been addressing us commuters with his advise to plan ahead during this time and the Olympic rings on Tower bridge have brightened my morning walk across London Bridge.


Now the Olympics are here. I am pleased that I am not commuting into London for the next couple of weeks and I am working in an out of town office. My local rail company (only one company I might add) has really let themselves down and it seems it has been troublesome for some of my friends. Which is such a shame as the Olympics have really got off to a great start.

The Olympic torch reached us here in Kent a couple of weekends ago and I have to say it really was quite something special. We had picked a good spot to stand and saw the changeover. Little J was quite excited and was convinced the the music coming from one of the buses was being performed by LMFAO (I didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise). I was however, a little disappointed that there were not more people who had come out of their homes to see the flame. However, it did mean that we got a great view of everything going on!


I hope now they are here, the cynics are tuning in and catching some of the events and cheering on #teamGB, who incidentally are doing the business with 9 medals so far. London is really doing Great Britain proud with an amazing opening ceremony and fantastic first few days. I have watched very little else and am just a little sad that I won’t be viewing any events live. I will be paying the Olympic stadium and village a visit in the next couple of weeks.

Come on Team GB,

Bouche x x x

Bouche has a blog vacation

It wasn’t intentional but I have had a little blog vacation. I had lost my inspiration and I always believe that if I have nothing worthwhile to talk about then I probably shouldn’t write at all. I hate reading half baked blog posts which seem to be written to fill a gap between posts. So I had a blog vacation.
In the past month I have started a new job, which I love. Finally, since being made redundant last year, I get up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead. My new work colleagues are fab and I really love going to work every day. May it long continue!

I’ve also started reading books again. I fell out of love with reading a while back. I went through a stage of not enjoying a single book I read and I must have started about a dozen books, of which were never finished. I don’t often follow the crowd and if people are raving about a book I usually give it a wide berth. Then a few weeks back, after many recommendations and soooo much hype I decided that I would give the 50 shades of grey trilogy a chance. It had two chapters to draw me in. I wasn’t expecting much but I became a sheep and followed the flock!
Now you won’t be getting me raving about how well written it is, because it isn’t. The sex scenes are ok, some more racier than others but as I expected. However, the story itself it is quite good and the romance is what has kept me going through all three (I am halfway through 50 shades freed). I am enjoying the books but I cannot understand the thousands of women who now want to be flogged, blindfolded and restrained all off the back of this book. A certain supermarket chain last week, advertised that they would be running a special offer on cable ties. Oh please!

I have also discovered spotify. Many an hour I have spent downloading and creating playlists. I have rediscovered my love for the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison and Prince. I have also downloaded some favourites missing from my music collection like tracks from Alexander O’Neil and Nirvana. It seems I have also been downloading after a few wines, as I discovered today when stumbling on New addition and Color me Badd! So be warned there will be some more music posts coming soon!

Bouche x x x

Bouche and the clubbing years

I love music. I love all the memories that come with certain songs and how you can listen to a song and it can take you back to a moment in time.  Over the years I have been to some fantastic clubs and festivals both home and abroad.  I have had some fantastic nights in the famous clubs in Ibiza along with some amazing days and nights at some of the best music festivals. I have quite a back catalogue of jungle, Garage, trance and house music. I can often be seen cutting shapes in my front room or bobbing my head on the daily commute whilst listening and reminiscing to some of my favourite tunes.

So when my blogging chum Nickie tagged me in her Rave years post this week, I felt it only proper to share some of my All time favourite tunes with you all.


Bouche x x x

HD awareness week 2012


This week is Huntington’s disease awareness week. As someone who has been hugely effected by this horrid disease, I feel it is only right that I try and spread a little awareness through my blog. For those of you who are not aware, my father has Huntington’s disease, my Nanny had huntington’s disease before she passed away and I have a 50:50 chance of inheriting the disease.

Huntington’s disease, which is often called HD, is an hereditary disorder of the central nervous system. It used to be known as Huntington’s Chorea or HC. Huntington’s disease usually develops in adulthood and can cause a very wide range of symptoms. The disease affects both men and women and is hereditary. An effected person has 50:50 chance of passing it on to their children.

A person with HD will lose their memory, lose their faculties, lose the ability to communicate and eventually need round the clock care like my father.

The Huntington’s disease association is a charity which provides much needed support and information to suffers of HD, their families and their carers. It is a fantastic charity who have provided my father, my family and I a great deal of support over the years. If you feel you would like to donate a small amount of money to a worthwhile cause, it would be greatly appreciated. Although, this post is not to ask for money but to spread awareness.

If you would care to take the time, please take a look at the Huntington’s disease association’s website to find out more about HD and the wonderful work that The HDA do.

Further information about HD can also be found here found here http://hda.org.uk/download/fact-sheets/HD-About-The-HDA.pdf

Many thanks

Bouche x x x

Quality time with little Doris

When I was 22 my Mum and step Dad announced that they were going to have a baby. I was mortified. One of my best friends had a little girl and I knew a few other girls my age who had, had babies. This was not something my mother should be doing! She was in her forties and as far as I was concerned well past having babies. Plus, I was 22. That large an age gap was unaccepable!

After a couple of months I soon got over the shock and was thrilled when my Mum asked me to be her birthing partner. When the time came I supported my Mum and when the midwife tried to hand little Doris over to my step Dad he refused as she was so small and she was passed to me. I will always remember that day and the feelings I felt. I have never felt emotion like it.



Over the years I have spent some fantastic times with little Doris. However, the last year or so I haven’t spent quite as much time with her due to one thing and another. So this week when I had some free time, I decided to spend a day with her, just the two of us.

We watched a girly film, painted our nails and headed out for a walk. Ingress Abbey is really close to where I live and has a heritage walk through it’s ruins. So we headed out mid rain shower to check it out.

Ingress Abbey…

Little Doris on the steps to the abbey…



The grounds…


Little Doris taking a rest…


Little Doris and her big sister….



Bouche x x x

Rule Britannia

I for one am quite excited about the coming weeks and months with the Queen’s diamond jubilee and the Olympics coming to town. I am a bit of a royalist and I think our traditions and pomp surrounding our Royals make Britain unusual and Great. I am proud to be British and I love walking through St James’ park and glancing over at Ma’am’s gaff!

I am hoping to head into London on Sunday and see some of the flotilla on the Thames. I also hope that on my travels, I manage to see a street party or two. What a fantastic excuse to spend time with your friends, family and neighbours and celebrating such a regal occasion. After the riots in London last year, I think London can really redeem itself and I hope we can show ourselves off to the World in preparation for the Olympics.

I am also really looking forward to the Olympics. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for London to showcase all that is great about our capital city and to show the World that we can host the games and host it well. Working in London, I know that during the games, public transport is going to be extra busy and living in Kent near the Ebbsfleet international station, I am fully aware that there are going to be lots more cars on the road, people in general and a full capacity on our rail network. However, it is only for a few weeks and in the grand scheme of things it is a small price to pay to be in the host city. We have some fantastic athletes in this country and I hope we bring home some medals.

So I am a little miffed as to why so many people and the media are anti both events. I understand we are in a recession and that the games have cost a lot of money. I also get that the Royals cost tax payers money. I can’t seem to pick up a newspaper without some negativity surrounding either event. My local paper is adorned with negative articles about how the transport network will collapse and how the county will be overrun with visitors that we ‘cannot cope with’. It has been far easier to find articles about how the jubilee and Olympics will cripple us than to find out how to host your own street party. Don’t even get me started on the negativity written about our athletes especially how Jessica Ennis is fat!!!!
I am struggling to find many people who are looking forward to the events and many think this is a waste of time and money. I think this is such a shame. It is a once in a lifetime event and the government would only spend the money elsewhere. The Olympics are going to bring so much tourism to the UK and this in turn will bring a cash injection to the economy. I think it will be fantastic and London and the Uk can really show the world what a great place the United Kingdom is and demonstrate how a good party is done!

So this weekend and during the Olympics Bouche will be proud to be British! Come on and join me!

Bouche x x x


Paula’s Package

A few weeks ago, I got chatting to one of my twitter friends Paula about my eyebrows. According to another twitter/blogger friend Nickie my eyebrows are quite enviable. However, they have been referred to as a ‘scouse brow’ and I am not quite sure whether this is something to be envied. In any case, Paula asked me if I wanted to try the eyebrow kit from the Body Shop (where she works) Of course, I said yes and a couple of weeks later I received a lovely parcel from Paula.

Not only did she send me the brow and liner kit but she also send my some samples of products that she thought I might like. I used to be an avid fan of the body shop in my later teens, early twenties, especially as I have sensitive skin. However, every product that I fell in love with, they managed to discontinue and I ended up falling out of love with the body shop. I was hoping that Paula’s parcel would change that.

It took me a few attempts of using the brow and liner kit to get the desired look. I found the brush fiddly at first but I soon got the hang of it. I have been used to using an eyebrow pencil so using such a small brush with powder got some getting used to. However, I like the results. I found that my brows looked defined but not overly made up (which is my usual look). I have started using the kit every day as part of my daytime look and leaving the pencil for an evening look.


Brow & Liner Kit


With one eybrow done…

Both brows finished…


In Paula’s package were samples of two face masks. The Warming Mineral mask and Seaweed clay mask. After trying both I can safely say that I will buying these in the future, once my current mask has run out. My skin was glowing and in both cases smoother and softer.

Warming Mineral Mask

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

Another gem in my parcel was the vitamin E tinted moisturiser. I use a tinted moisturiser during the day and switch to a foundation for evening looks. I was so impressed with this tinted moisturiser that I bought a tube and have been using it ever since. My only criticism would be that it does not have an spf and I have to apply an spf underneath. However, I purchased online during a promotion a couple of weeks ago and I got free delivery and cost me just £6 so you don’t get a real complaint from me.

Click for enlarged view

I have now found some new staples for my makeup bag and am pleased to report that I am now loving the body shop yet again.

Thanks Paula, you are a super star!

Bouche x x x

P.s Paula sent me the samples as a gift and this is not a sponsored post. I am just spreading the body shop love!

Bouche does Bargains – May 2012

The title of this post would suggest that I have bought my first outfit for the charity shop challenge. https://boucheinthecity.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/bouche-does-bargains/

This is a big fat lie. Mr Bouche however has bought me a fabulous dress. Spoilt? Moi?! 

The dress in question however, did not come from a charity shop but from a pre-loved dress agency called Tatty Tutu’s

It is second-hand or pre-loved as I like to call it and is vintage from the 1940’s. As soon as I saw it, I was in love. It is very much my style and I cannot wait to wear it!

I have a birthday party coming up and I cannot wait to team it with some super high platforms and an oversize clutch bag.

What do you think?


This month, I will be heading to some actual charity shops in the hunt for a summer blazer 🙂

Bouche x x x



Our song

A couple of weeks ago Nickie at www.iamtypecast.com wrote a post about her and her husband’s ‘song’. www.iamtypecast.com/2012/04/our-song.html?m=1 and gave me some inspiration to write a similar post.

Mr Bouche and I do have ‘our song’. It is a remix of Clocks by Coldplay and it was played at Manumission in Ibiza by the dj Fatboy Slim. We both have the same feelings about this song. We both realised that night that we were in love and thus it has become our song.


However, when we were planning our wedding, this song seemed an inappropriate choice as a first dance as the words to clocks aren’t very romantic. Choosing the first dance song was the hardest decision we had to make for our wedding and eventually we settled on a song. However, we both regret our decision and wished we had chosen something else.

This was our choice.


We had some songs in our shortlist which we wished we had had as the first dance. However, they were played during our wedding.








All of these songs have great meaning to us.

What is your song?

Bouche x x x