Return of the Bouche

A couple of months ago, I realised that I hadn’t blogged for a while and I thought to myself that I should get back to it and write a post. But, if I am honest I just couldn’t be bothered. It wasn’t that I had fell out of love with the Bouche blog or that I didn’t want to write (I have had plenty to write about!) I can’t even say I haven’t had time as I had six and a half weeks off in the summer after having carpal tunnel surgery!
I can’t really pinpoint what has made me not want to blog. It is probably been an amalgamation of things. I know feel like I want to blog again and hopefully this time, I won’t lose my momentum.

My last post told of my pending motor test for HD and touched very slightly on how I was feeling about it. I was very nervous as I had convinced myself that I was showing signs of HD. I have always had a firm plan regarding any kind of testing for Huntington’s disease.
I am very anti having the genetic testing for Huntington’s disease done. I have always said that if I was concerned that I was showing symptoms that I would have the motor function test done first. If this showed that I was showing some symptoms, then I would have the full genetic test done.
So I had the motor test done and I am not showing any symptoms of HD, which means I won’t be taking the gene test in the foreseeable future. Which came as huge relief. It also gave us the green light to start trying for a baby. Our baby plans came to a halt last year as Mr Bouche’s mum was diagnosed with lung cancer in February 2012 and passed away in November 2012. But, we decided to start trying in July this year (I have another post on this, following shortly!)

I have put all my personal fears to rest for now. However, Daddy Bouche has been going downhill slowly in 2013. Nothing major, but I just know in his eyes he has had enough. He has had some chest infections and his eating has become a little erratic at times where he does not want his food when being fed. He coughs quite a lot when being fed and his feeding is becoming a concern as he cannot be fed safely anymore.
After a meeting with his gp, speech therapist and staff at his home, it has been decided between us that he will have a peg fitted to feed him directly into his stomach. I have really battled with this in my head as his eating was the last one pleasure he had (albeit eating puréed food). I feel like I am forcing something on him that he wouldn’t want but I also cannot let him be fed dangerously or not at all. It has been really hard and we are just waiting on the appointment for the gastroentologist.

My younger brother M has also decided to have the HD test a few weeks ago and he gets his result next week. I am terrified for him. There is a part of me that thinks he has HD and I have done for a long while but I still hope that he is HD free. My wonderful uncle (Daddy Bouche’s brother) had the test earlier in the year and was negative which was amazing news. I just hope M has the same result!

More to follow……

Bouche x x x


Bouche is back

I posted a couple of times last week. A brief picture post and my follow up post on Jimmy Savile. I needed easing in gently. The past three months have been hectic, emotional and pretty awful to be honest. Mr Bouche lost his mum six weeks ago after a mere 8 months of battling cancer and hence I have really not felt like writing.
He is obviously devastated and although I am trying to be the best support that I can, I also miss her immensely. Some days I break down and some days it still doesn’t feel real. Grief is a bizarre thing and I think Mr Bouche and I are in for some emotional roller coaster rides in the coming weeks and months.
I don’t necessarily think Bouche in the city is somewhere to share my thoughts, memories and sadness. As my wonderful mother in law would not want me to pour out my thoughts about her in such a public way.
She would however want me to get back to blogging (which I love) and write some humorous, witty and random posts. So that is what I am going to do. I am feeling like my mojo is returning slightly and I am feeling ready to write. I am sure some of the posts I will write in the coming weeks will be utter bollocks but I will write them all the same!
I hope I haven’t lost any of my audience (if sparse at times) and my coming posts are not too shabby.
Sorry I have been away but I know you will all understand! (And if you don’t you can do one!)

Bouche x x x

Bouche has a blog vacation

It wasn’t intentional but I have had a little blog vacation. I had lost my inspiration and I always believe that if I have nothing worthwhile to talk about then I probably shouldn’t write at all. I hate reading half baked blog posts which seem to be written to fill a gap between posts. So I had a blog vacation.
In the past month I have started a new job, which I love. Finally, since being made redundant last year, I get up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead. My new work colleagues are fab and I really love going to work every day. May it long continue!

I’ve also started reading books again. I fell out of love with reading a while back. I went through a stage of not enjoying a single book I read and I must have started about a dozen books, of which were never finished. I don’t often follow the crowd and if people are raving about a book I usually give it a wide berth. Then a few weeks back, after many recommendations and soooo much hype I decided that I would give the 50 shades of grey trilogy a chance. It had two chapters to draw me in. I wasn’t expecting much but I became a sheep and followed the flock!
Now you won’t be getting me raving about how well written it is, because it isn’t. The sex scenes are ok, some more racier than others but as I expected. However, the story itself it is quite good and the romance is what has kept me going through all three (I am halfway through 50 shades freed). I am enjoying the books but I cannot understand the thousands of women who now want to be flogged, blindfolded and restrained all off the back of this book. A certain supermarket chain last week, advertised that they would be running a special offer on cable ties. Oh please!

I have also discovered spotify. Many an hour I have spent downloading and creating playlists. I have rediscovered my love for the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison and Prince. I have also downloaded some favourites missing from my music collection like tracks from Alexander O’Neil and Nirvana. It seems I have also been downloading after a few wines, as I discovered today when stumbling on New addition and Color me Badd! So be warned there will be some more music posts coming soon!

Bouche x x x

Bouche and the organiser

September 6th 2005, it was my birthday. Mr Bouche presented my with a beautifully wrapped present in a mont blanc bag. I was intrigued. I only knew of mont blanc pens and I guess I never thought about using such a posh pen. Previous gifts from Mr Bouche had been mainly jewellery, so this threw me.

When I opened the present, I was a little miffed. I had always used a pocket diary but I had never thought of myself as an organiser type of girl. The mont blanc organiser was a beautiful tan leather and smelt beautiful but if I am honest I was a little disappointed as it seemed like a cop out gift.

It seems Mr Bouche knew me better than I knew myself! My Mont blanc organiser has been on my person everyday since then. I organise every part of my life with organiser and over the years although it has seen me through two house moves, eight holidays, several jobs, a marriage and numerous handbags, it has worn beautifully.

It is probably one of the best gifts I have been given and I hate being without it and will still be carrying it with me in decades time!

Bouche x x x

This was the week that …

This was the week that I have been pretty rubbish at blogging. It has been a pretty manic week again so I’ll tell you about it in brief!

This was the week that…

My mother in law turned 60 and we had a fabulous weekend celebrating at my lovely sister in law’s.

I stopped making excuses and started tracking my points for weight watchers and lost two and a half pound!

We got our appointment through to discuss starting a family with the genetics expert at Guys hospital.

I had the last of my root canal treatment and spent two days in bed due to the pain.

Forgot to post a tunage Tuesday as was in bed moping about my tooth!

I got an invite to my first blogging event!

Learnt that a very good friend is not 13 weeks pregnant but 18 weeks pregnant with twins! (excited!!!! Woop woop!)

Baby Elliot was born to a very special couple and was named after another very special young man!

My window box started to bloom, after three weeks of love and attention.

I missed the only way is Essex! I love crap tv! I think Mr Bouche has too!

I also missed my train buddy Doris. She is sunning herself in Portugal. How very dare she!

Looked at how I assist in parenting little J and wondered how I can do better.
and lastly…

I booked a surprise for our first anniversary for Mr Bouche.

What has this week brought for you?

Bouche x x x

Handwriting by Bouche

A little while ago I read a post by Nickie at Typecast about handwriting

I used to think that you could tell a lot about a person by the way they write. I was told as a teenager that messy writing was a sign of intelligence and that is why doctors have messy handwriting. I am not so sure about this. I wouldn’t say mine was either messy nor neat but my grandmother is very intelligent and she has beautiful handwriting. As does Nova at As the picture below shows.

My handwriting changed many times at school, but I have settled with what I have now, since I was about 15. I am quite funny about punctuation and spelling and I cannot bear text speak. I was lucky to go to a good school where punctuation, grammar and spelling were very important even on a science essay!

So although Nickie didn’t ask me to complete the below task, I liked it so much that I thought I would have a go.

Here are the questions and answers above in case you find the above hard to read.

1. Write your name – Joanne Nash

2. Write your blog url –

3. Write – ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

4. Favourite quote – ‘When a girl goes wrong, men go right…. after her. This is a quote by the great Mae West. That woman had some great oneliners!

5. Favourite Song – Angels by Robbie Williams.

6. Favourite singer / band – Robbie Williams, Take That, Roger Sanchez (Funky house DJ), Faithless and Groove Armada. Sorry I had more than one!

7. Anything else to add – I wish I wrote more by hand and less by email.

Do you fancy having a go? If so, have a go and link it back to me.

Happy Writing Peeps.

Bouche x x x