Jimmy Savile – one year on

Just over a year ago Jimmy Savile passed away and I wrote a blog post in his honour. https://boucheinthecity.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/now-then-now-then-guys-and-gals/

A year later and after much media coverage, I am much more informed as to the kind of man that he was. I contemplated deleting my post from November last year but I have decided to leave on my blog as this was how I felt about him at the time of writing the post. Obviously, my opinion has changed significantly about this so called national treasure. It makes me so sad that he used his fame and status to abuse many young people. They say paedophiles are smart and convincing. It seems he was just that. Even I, someone who never met him was taken in by him and I believed he was a kind hearted human being and hence my post after his passing.

All I hope is that the people who have since been arrested are suitably punished for their actions (if guilty) and the people who were harmed by both Savile and others find some peace.

Jimmy Savile, I hope you do not rest in peace but burn in hell for what you did.

Bouche x x x


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