Bouche loves bond


Unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere you will have heard that the newest bond film is due for release on the 23rd of this month. Having seen the trailer for skyfall, it promises to be all that a bond film should be. A handsome James Bond (courtesy of a delicious Daniel Craig), action, adventure and some beautiful automobiles.

I am particularly excited about skyfall. Is it because it has the gorgeous Daniel Craig in? No. Is is because it was filmed in lots of my favourite London locations? No. It is because it will feature the Aston Martin DB5.

I am no petrol head. But, I love love love a classic Aston. Why you may ask? It is because Daddy Bouche had a few in his time. My dad belonged to the Aston Martin owners club and had a DB5,DB6 and a DB7. I grew up helping daddy wash the Astons on a sunday morning and watching Bond (secretly I think my Dad wanted to be Bond).

I have watched all the bond films. I have watched the older Bond films more than once. Whenever 007 graced our screens Daddy Bouche would be watching and thus the rest of the family would have to watch. In those days we only had a TV in the lounge and a black and white portable in the kitchen.
I have never asked Daddy Bouche who his favourite bond is, but I would guess it is Roger Moore as we watched more of Roger than Sean, Timothy or George. I remember being about 9 and having a bit of a crush on Sir Roger. He is my favourite Bond. He had a certain class that none of the others had. My favourite bond theme tune is Nobody does it better by Carly Simon from The spy who loved me, starring Moore. Carly Simon was one of my Dad’s favourite artists and he used to sing this to me as a small child. So obviously the spy who loved me is my favourite Bond film. When I see the parachute on the opening sequence it brings me right back to being 5/6 years old and watching it with my Dad. He would talk me through all the cars. It is the bond movie with the lotus esprit which goes underwater but it also has the ultra scary villain Jaws! (I used to hide behind the sofa when he came on!) Oddly enough The spy who loved me didn’t feature an Aston Martin, but nether the less I rate it as my top bond film.
Goldfinger is the best Bond film featuring an Aston Martin and Daddy Bouche had a DB5 which he restored himself. I do love that film but I just prefer Sir Roger as Bond. He was just that little bit sexier than Connery in my eyes and had a touch more class and boy did he know how to handle a speedboat.

That said Daddy Bouche would not be amused if I didn’t post some pictures of his Bond inspired cars. So I will do so just to keep him happy here are some pictures, even if my favourite Bond never drove them.

Bouche x x x





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