Happy birthday Daddy Bouche

Today is Daddy Bouche’s birthday. He is the grand old age of 57. Mr Bouche and I wanted to do something a bit different for Daddy Bouche’s birthday this year. He has suffered a few infections these past months and for a time, wasn’t his usual self. The infections have passed and during the past month or so he has been much like his usual self. Obviously, some days when we / I visit he is having an off day but the past few visits he has been vocal (not in the word sense but in the noise sense) and has laughed a lot. I do like to joke and tease Daddy Bouche so it is great when I get a response of some kind and for some reason Daddy Bouche finds me funny!

I really wanted to take Dad out for the day. It has been 6 years since I last took him out on my own (when he could still walk) and I remember having such a fun day out. It is impossible for Mr Bouche and I to take him out on our own as we cannot fit his wheelchair in our car. It also concerns me that I may not be able to do what a carer can do for him. I am terrified of feeding him, in case he chokes and the thought of having to change him (he is incontinent) leaves me cold. Dad was a proud man and to do that would horrify both him and I.

So after a conversation with one of mine and his favourite carers, she suggested that we went out in the home’s minibus and went somewhere that had memories for both Dad and I.

So yesterday we went to whitstable. I grew up in the south of Kent and we visited Whitstable when I was a child, frequently. Dad had a speedboat and we used to waterski from Whitstable and from the surrounding coastline.

I have been off work this week and the weather has been pretty pants so even up until yesterday morning we weren’t sure if the weather would hold up for us. It seems we had Mother Nature on our side as it was a glorious day.


We wandered past the harbour and saw the fishing boats, took in the sights of the seafood market, browsed the wonderful shops in town and admired all the beach huts and houses.
Dad normally has a couple of naps during the day but he stayed awake the entire time and smiled all day (unless he is having his picture taken as below!)
We drove a short distance and went to a wheelchair friendly place for lunch.




We had such a wonderful day. It was the happiest I have seen Daddy Bouche since our wedding, two years ago. I am a little bit cross with myself that I have not done this sooner as we both enjoyed it so much. One thing is for sure, we will be going out on more trips in the future.

Happy birthday Daddy.

Lots of love

Your loving daughter


x x x


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