Woop for Team GB!

I have been really looking forward to the Olympics coming to London. So when Friday arrived I parked myself in front of the TV to watch the opening ceremony. I heard from friends who had been to the rehearsals earlier in the week that it was going to be quite spectacular and it did not disappoint.

Living quite close to London the Olympic paraphernalia has been on many local streets. I also work in London and for the past few weeks the Mayor of London has been addressing us commuters with his advise to plan ahead during this time and the Olympic rings on Tower bridge have brightened my morning walk across London Bridge.


Now the Olympics are here. I am pleased that I am not commuting into London for the next couple of weeks and I am working in an out of town office. My local rail company (only one company I might add) has really let themselves down and it seems it has been troublesome for some of my friends. Which is such a shame as the Olympics have really got off to a great start.

The Olympic torch reached us here in Kent a couple of weekends ago and I have to say it really was quite something special. We had picked a good spot to stand and saw the changeover. Little J was quite excited and was convinced the the music coming from one of the buses was being performed by LMFAO (I didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise). I was however, a little disappointed that there were not more people who had come out of their homes to see the flame. However, it did mean that we got a great view of everything going on!


I hope now they are here, the cynics are tuning in and catching some of the events and cheering on #teamGB, who incidentally are doing the business with 9 medals so far. London is really doing Great Britain proud with an amazing opening ceremony and fantastic first few days. I have watched very little else and am just a little sad that I won’t be viewing any events live. I will be paying the Olympic stadium and village a visit in the next couple of weeks.

Come on Team GB,

Bouche x x x

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