Bouche and the clubbing years

I love music. I love all the memories that come with certain songs and how you can listen to a song and it can take you back to a moment in time.  Over the years I have been to some fantastic clubs and festivals both home and abroad.  I have had some fantastic nights in the famous clubs in Ibiza along with some amazing days and nights at some of the best music festivals. I have quite a back catalogue of jungle, Garage, trance and house music. I can often be seen cutting shapes in my front room or bobbing my head on the daily commute whilst listening and reminiscing to some of my favourite tunes.

So when my blogging chum Nickie tagged me in her Rave years post this week, I felt it only proper to share some of my All time favourite tunes with you all.


Bouche x x x


3 responses

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE – I can’t believe how many of us are out there! I keep talking to the school mums, hoping to find someone that was “there”. Still searching!!

    Off to read rest of you blog now xx

  2. FAITHLESS!!! And Paul Oakenfield (he composed the Big Brother theme tune, didn’t he?)!!! Raaahhhhhhhh Love it!

    I was going to include some Fatboy Slim (he’s a musical genius) but I was sticking to old skool stuff for my choices.

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