Quality time with little Doris

When I was 22 my Mum and step Dad announced that they were going to have a baby. I was mortified. One of my best friends had a little girl and I knew a few other girls my age who had, had babies. This was not something my mother should be doing! She was in her forties and as far as I was concerned well past having babies. Plus, I was 22. That large an age gap was unaccepable!

After a couple of months I soon got over the shock and was thrilled when my Mum asked me to be her birthing partner. When the time came I supported my Mum and when the midwife tried to hand little Doris over to my step Dad he refused as she was so small and she was passed to me. I will always remember that day and the feelings I felt. I have never felt emotion like it.



Over the years I have spent some fantastic times with little Doris. However, the last year or so I haven’t spent quite as much time with her due to one thing and another. So this week when I had some free time, I decided to spend a day with her, just the two of us.

We watched a girly film, painted our nails and headed out for a walk. Ingress Abbey is really close to where I live and has a heritage walk through it’s ruins. So we headed out mid rain shower to check it out.

Ingress Abbey…

Little Doris on the steps to the abbey…



The grounds…


Little Doris taking a rest…


Little Doris and her big sister….



Bouche x x x


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