Bouche does Bargains – May 2012

The title of this post would suggest that I have bought my first outfit for the charity shop challenge.

This is a big fat lie. Mr Bouche however has bought me a fabulous dress. Spoilt? Moi?! 

The dress in question however, did not come from a charity shop but from a pre-loved dress agency called Tatty Tutu’s

It is second-hand or pre-loved as I like to call it and is vintage from the 1940’s. As soon as I saw it, I was in love. It is very much my style and I cannot wait to wear it!

I have a birthday party coming up and I cannot wait to team it with some super high platforms and an oversize clutch bag.

What do you think?


This month, I will be heading to some actual charity shops in the hunt for a summer blazer 🙂

Bouche x x x




One response

  1. I love it.

    We have a dress agency round the corner – every time I drive past I think I should go in and have a look around. Maybe I will now!

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