Our song

A couple of weeks ago Nickie at www.iamtypecast.com wrote a post about her and her husband’s ‘song’. www.iamtypecast.com/2012/04/our-song.html?m=1 and gave me some inspiration to write a similar post.

Mr Bouche and I do have ‘our song’. It is a remix of Clocks by Coldplay and it was played at Manumission in Ibiza by the dj Fatboy Slim. We both have the same feelings about this song. We both realised that night that we were in love and thus it has become our song.


However, when we were planning our wedding, this song seemed an inappropriate choice as a first dance as the words to clocks aren’t very romantic. Choosing the first dance song was the hardest decision we had to make for our wedding and eventually we settled on a song. However, we both regret our decision and wished we had chosen something else.

This was our choice.


We had some songs in our shortlist which we wished we had had as the first dance. However, they were played during our wedding.








All of these songs have great meaning to us.

What is your song?

Bouche x x x


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