Listography : Top 5 Beauty Products

I have been looking for some new inspiration regarding topics to post about recently. When after some blog catch up last week I stumbled upon Nickie @ ‘s post about her top 5 beauty products in my inbox. I love posts like these and promptly went back to Kate’s original post and read all the entries!


So here are my top five.

  1. Avon super shock gel Eyeliner.

This is the newest of my beauty buys. I guess Iam a bit of a beauty snob and regarded Avon as old fashioned and ‘cheap’. After some recent advertising campaigns which have grabbed my attention, I contacted my local representative (not such a hard task as I follow her on twitter). I wear an eyeliner or line my eyes with eye shadow every day but I have found very few that I can wear all day and into the night. This gel eyeliner is fab. During work days, I apply just after 6am and it is still perfect at 9 – 10pm.

2. Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil

I guess I have been blessed with a decent shape eyebrow but as I have got older they have thinned out tremendously. Before I got married I was advised by a makeup artist that to frame an entire face you should have defined brows. It makes a massive difference to me to have my brows penciled and this pencil is the best I have found for perfecting my ‘scouse brow!’

3. Mac Prep and Prime face protect.



After getting sun scarring on my face a couple of years back. I have been a real fusspot about wearing an SPF every day. Whenever I buy a new moisturiser, I always ensure it has a built in SPF (even in winter!) This primer is fantastic. It stops my make-up from moving, moisturises and protects my face.

4. Nars Bronzing powder.


I am quite a pale Doris naturally but I don’t like the natural look! I guess I would be an English rose in complexion terms but I just think I am pasty! I do use self-tanning products but with or without a tan this bronzer gives a gorgeous glow, without looking like David Dickinson!

5. Nails Inc Chelsea bridge UV top coat and base coat.



After 15 years of acrylic nails, I decided last year to have them soaked off and try and grow my own. After some perseverance, I have managed to get them to a decent length and they are getting stronger. However, I do miss the manicured look that you get from acrylic nails and often found that my nails lacked the professional manicured look without trotting off to the nail bar every week. Then I started to use Chelsea bridge just over my nail hardener. It gives my nails slight pink gloss and is really hard wearing. It also stops my nails going yellow when I do paint them.


What are your top 5?

Bouche x x x





4 responses

  1. I’m liking the sound of that eye liner – I’ll have to hunt some of that down *opens Avon website*. Also re your nails, I have naturally soft nails (can bend them almost in half) and have never found anything to make them stronger. I have also succumbed to acrylics from time to time (mainly in the summer) and it takes a good six months for my nails to recover.

    Great post – i was looking forward to this one from you.

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