Bouche does bargains

Whilst reading the evening standard tonight, I read an interesting article about a high street addict who has forgone her monthly shopping for a year and just bought clothes from charity shops.

This got me thinking. I love a bargain and love putting a quirky look together which is unique (nothing more annoying than to turn up to an event with a dress on that someone else is wearing!). So I have set myself a challenge. For the Next six months, I will purchase an outfit every month which has been pre loved and will post about the outfit along with some photos.

I have also managed to rope in my good friend, Doris over at who will also purchase then post about her pre loved discoveries.

Apparently there are some real fabulous charity shops out there and it is all about the location. More affluent parts of London, Kent and Essex have some popular charity shops where donations often get stolen if left outside the shop. So I am hoping I manage to find some fabulous vintage and pre loved designer togs that I can share with you.

I have already perused the oxfam website and have found some pieces I really like. I never thought I would buy second hand clothes but I think I could really get into this!

If you fancy the challenge please comment below and feel free to post your finds back here.

Bargain hunting Bouche x x x

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