Back to reality

So two months after being made redundant from the job I loved, i have rejoined the rat race and started a new job.
First day nerves kicked in and being the new girl isn’t in my comfortable zone. Although I seem quite confident, I still find it hard meeting new people when alcohol isn’t involved 🙂

First day nerves were also not helped by a severely delayed train which subsequently made me late, which was awkward and embarrassing.

I am now at the end of my first week. It was great to be back at work and normality. Whilst I did enjoy being at home and was the break I needed, the past few weeks have brought a new level of boredom which saw me finally clear the ironing pile!

It is a very different environment to what I am used to and the job itself will be a challenge as I will be learning a different side to the business. I will also be learning about products which I am missing from my CV.

My colleagues seem friendly and I think I will fit in ok. I am not used to such a small office after working for some top tier firms. I must learn a whole new office etiquette and being pushed out of the door at 5.30 is a welcome change. Whilst the long walk and the longer train journey is not so welcome.

I guess it will take a few weeks to really find my feet and stop referring to my old company in the present.

I miss my old job and colleagues but I am looking forward and have stopped looking back.

Bouche x x x

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