The old lady

Whilst watching Eastenders this evening, Derek referred to Pat as ‘the old lady’. Which instantly made me think about  my Nanny. I have wanted to write a post about her for so long but I have been waiting on some old photos from my Mum.

My Nanny, was always referred to as The Old Lady by my Dad, his brothers, my Grandad and literally all the family. As a young woman she was known for being a social butterfly. She was always immaculately turned out and enjoyed a drink and a dance. I remember hearing one story where she was dancing and had a full skirt on. She spun around on the dance floor, and exposed her knickers which matched her skirt and which she wore over her tights!

My earliest memory of my Nanny is at a family party and she was having a good dance on the dance floor. I was about three and I was mesmerised by her. I watched her dancing for a while before she scooped me up in her arms and started dancing with me.  


I was named after my Nanny whose name was Joan. I don’t think it was just the name I inherited from Nanny, I am also known for my love of a good boogie.

Nanny had four sons, so when I was born, the first granddaughter, I was spoilt rotten. I always remember my childhood christmas’ at Nanny and Grandad’s and they were fabulous. We always played lots of games and Nanny’s cooking was pretty terrible, but we didn’t care. We loved being there!

As time went on, Nanny and Grandad split and divorced and Nanny met and later married a lovely man.They moved to Leeds and I saw her less frequently. Soon after my Dad was diagnosed with HD, Nanny was also diagnosed too.

She soon swapped dancing for the church and travelled the world whilst she still could. As the disease took hold and she became very poorly, I decided to see her less and less. I was scared and I didn’t want to see her sick. I wanted to remember her as the social butterfly, she once was.

Nanny passed away in 2007. I was devastated and even though almost five years have passed it still feels recent. I am sad she never got to see me get married but I hope she was watching over us.

So to The Old Lady, you are gone but never forgotten and every time I dance, I dance for you.

Bouche x x x


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