Next Candidate Please


Over the past three weeks I have been to three interviews. Whilst the jobs are different my preparation is always the same.

Firstly, I look at the job spec and cross reference my CV with the requirements and responsibilities of the role. I make sure I research the company I am visiting, looking at their website and checking recent press releases. I prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer at the end and I make sure I can talk through my CV competently. I never talk about money, ask inappropriate questions and I never ask if I have been successful.

I am aware of first impressions and whilst I love fashion, I believe that an interview is not the time to show off your latest leather look leggings! (Certainly not in my line of work). I always dress conservatively, with a black trouser suit and top which covers all the necessary. I have often heard that flashing some cleavage or a bit of leg can help you get a job. I however have never had to result to this. I want to be considered on the basis of my skills and experience, not on what cup size I have! However, I did get a job once based on the football team I support! I also lay off the makeup. I opt for an English rose look with a barely there blush and lip tint. Rather than my full on evening look!

With this in mind, I did wonder what ticks the boxes for most interviewers. Is the colour of your suit a deal breaker? Would platform shoes and a little too much leg instantly turn you off a candidate?

Where am I going with this? I hear you ask! On Tuesday, whilst travelling back home after an interview by train, I over heard a woman across the carriage talking on the phone about an interview she had been on. She was discussing her interview and spoke of the questions she asked (which were highly inappropriate, Are you married? Being one!). She also spoke of how the interviewer was looking at her chest the entire time and how at the end of the interview she asked if she would be called back for a second interview. We couldn’t have been different candidates! Discreetly, I looked over at the woman, who not only had a very low cut top on, had shoes on that I am sure are more babe station than workstation and don’t even get me started on her makeup.

It does make me wonder what the interviewer must have thought when she arrived. I should probably mention she was interviewing at a large organisation and not stringfellows. Maybe I am being judgmental, but I wonder if I have lost out to candidates like this, and if I have would I have wanted to work for someone who is seemingly so shallow?

Anyway, she was offered a second interview. As for me, let’s just wait and see……

Bouche x x x


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  1. Well I have to say I would not have offered her the job, or even a second interview. What i look for is if I like them within the first few minutes of the interview, I am the type of person that if i like someone I would be happy to give them a go, I am a real people person and I think we spend so much time at work to be with people that could annoy me. I think if you show some common sense and are willing to work hard the rest is history, and I know you and I would work with you again, no questions asked, I wish i had a position to offer you xx

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