Bouche and the Shoe Fetish

A few weeks back, Nickie at and I were having a drunken natter on Skype and Nickie was showing off her new boots. Whilst admiring Nickie’s new footwear, I admitted that I have a little shoe fetish. A fetish which has, at times become obsessive and has landed me with a lot of footwear!

I mentioned to Nickie that I thought I had about 130 pairs of shoes and she said that she would like to see a post about my excessive amount of footwear. So here it is. I decided to have a recount on the footwear front and I don’t actually have 130 pairs of shoes, boots, trainers and sandals. I have 147 pairs! Wowsers, how did it become so many?!

I started bringing the shoes out of the two slider wardrobes, from under little J’s bed and from the loft to photograph them today and realised that they would fill little J’s bedroom floor easily!

So I am going to do this in stages!

 Here is my first selection…


The below shoes are from French Connection. They were bought for our engagement party three years ago. They absolutely kill me every time I wear them but I love them because they are quite unusual.

The next shoes are from the Very website. They were very reasonably priced and I bought them in both grey and blush pink! These were the shoes I wore on my last day at work.

I love 50’s fashion. I love tea dresses, the 50’s style pin curl and chignon hairstyles. So when I saw these shoes in the sale in Office about three years ago, I had to have them! Whenever I wear these shoes, someone always comments and asks where I got them from. I love shoe envy!

These suede boots are over the knee and lace up at the back. I bought these last winter and are my winter staple. Even though these are flat boots, I can wear on a night out with fancy tights and also over skinny jeans during the day. I bought these from Kurt Geiger.

I love red shoes. I guess my love of The Wizard of Oz has influenced some of my shoe purchases. These are patent and have a triangular heel. I bought these from Topshop about 4 years ago.

These swarovski sandals are my blingy summer staples. I have bunions so I always struggle with high-heeled strappy sandals. So these are my fail safe evening shoes for the summer. Even on my wedding day, I kicked off the high heels in the evening and put these beauts on.

The next shoes are from dune. I have had them about 5 years and were bought for a friend’s wedding. I also have the matching clutch bag. Although they are four and a half inches high, they are so comfy. I also think they are quite a timeless style. Shortly after purchasing these shoes, Mr Bouche and I split up briefly. These are the shoes I wore on a make up or break up meeting, with a killer outfit. Needless to say, Mr Bouche and I got back together that evening. How could he resist me in these shoes?!

These little beauts are from Topshop. I have had these a couple of years. I bought them for no other reason that, I loved them and they are a bit slutty! They are patent peeptoes with silver platforms! They have seen me through dozens of nights out, weddings and even my honeymoon!

The below shoes are the newest of the shoes on this post. I got these from love label, and are extremely high and hard to walk in but they make me feel sexy and thinnish and that is why I adore them!

These little bobby dazzlers were bought by myself, when I was a bridesmaid for my mum and step dad in September 2008. I had a lovely dress but in a hideous colour, so I had to have fabulous shoes. They were very expensive, even though they were from dune but they have swarovski crystals and hence the high price tag!

 The below shoes are from good old Next. I bought them for my best friend Andrew’s wedding 18 months ago. They are so high that after a few hours wear, they are hard to stand in. However, they make my short stumpy legs look nearly long!


The last of the shoes are from Office. They look like they would give you blisters, but they are so comfortable, I can dance  in them all night. I bought these about five years ago. I can’t remember why but it was probably because they are silver, my favourite colour. These are my leave the house in comfort, dance all night, eat chips in, queue for a taxi and stagger through the front door shoes!

Do you love shoes as much as I do? Please comment and share below.

Bouche x x x x


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  1. Shoes Shoes Shoes, you have got to love them, but today I have a shoe issue, We are now hotdesking at work and I took my only pair of shoes home with me, and quess what, they are still at home, so I had to pop to M&S to purchase a new pair !! Silly Old me xx

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