Bouche and the organiser

September 6th 2005, it was my birthday. Mr Bouche presented my with a beautifully wrapped present in a mont blanc bag. I was intrigued. I only knew of mont blanc pens and I guess I never thought about using such a posh pen. Previous gifts from Mr Bouche had been mainly jewellery, so this threw me.

When I opened the present, I was a little miffed. I had always used a pocket diary but I had never thought of myself as an organiser type of girl. The mont blanc organiser was a beautiful tan leather and smelt beautiful but if I am honest I was a little disappointed as it seemed like a cop out gift.

It seems Mr Bouche knew me better than I knew myself! My Mont blanc organiser has been on my person everyday since then. I organise every part of my life with organiser and over the years although it has seen me through two house moves, eight holidays, several jobs, a marriage and numerous handbags, it has worn beautifully.

It is probably one of the best gifts I have been given and I hate being without it and will still be carrying it with me in decades time!

Bouche x x x

5 responses

  1. A personal is too small for me (I had the pink breast cancer one for a while but gifted it to a friend) – have a few Personal sized ones and an A5 now and I switch between them depending on my mood. I love using the A5 but it’s a bit too big to cart around all the time so I’m thinking that may be my desk diary next year. I’ve got my personal all sorted now but have just moved from one to another now.

    I wouldn’t be without a Filofax of any sort these days – so useful!!

  2. I love how well used and well loved your organizer is. The quality seems so much better then others I have seen despite their decadent exteriors. I was so charmed by it I went on a search and found one at half price (they are mega expensive so it most be a close out price) but the exterior wasn’t glazed like yours is. Did yours have a glazed finish when you first got it or is it a patina that developed over time?

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