End of an era

Bouche in the city has never been a space where I write about my work. I have always wanted to keep my job segregated from my views and opinions that I post on here. I won’t go into much detail but work wise the past few weeks have been hell.

This time last year my role at a top tier investment bank was moved to Glasgow and I was made redundant. This wasn’t the first time that I had been made redundant and was starting to think I was a little cursed. All I want in life is to do the job I know and love, get paid a reasonable amount of money and have a work life balance.

When I was asked to go for an interview, for a job I could do,do well, get paid well (even with a pay cut) and have a 8.30am – 5.30pm working day, I jumped at the chance. The interviews were tough but I could hold my own and I was offered the role. I was over the moon and I joined the firm on the 8th November 2010. I saw this as my last career move. This was the job I wanted to do for the next ten years at least. I had room to stretch my wings and I thought I could grow roots and spread those wings.

I passed my probation and had an excellent appraisal. I wanted to show off my skills and on occasions show boated when I needed to.

A couple of weeks ago, our parent company in the US filed for bankruptcy. The past few weeks have been tough not really knowing my fate and when I was asked for information I provided this to management and the administrators.

Us staff were advised a few days ago that we would know whether we would be required for another couple of months by the end of the week. I had been praying that I might have been kept on till new year. I was thinking about christmas and all the things little J wanted in his stocking. I just prayed I could coast it out till january.

Today, was D-day. There is no coasting, little J might not get everything he wants, and my career dreams have come crashing down. Mr Bouche and I had discussed trying for a baby early in 2012. Those plans have now been put on hold.

I walked into my senior manager’s office. I could see the tears pricking her eyes and I sat down. I am not being kept on for a couple more months. I am redundant at the end of november. 50% of all staff were being made redundant at the end of November and the remaining 50% would be coasting. I am not a coaster. After many tears in that office I left, I packed up my desk and have left the office for the last time. I am on gardening leave for the next two and a half weeks. In that time I am hoping I will find the job I dream of, the one which was doing two weeks ago.

I loved my job, but I loved my colleagues more. They are amazing people and I do believe I will be friends with some of them for years to come. I am going to be sad starting a new job (when I find one) and not seeing their faces.

Goodbye beloved job and goodbye beloved work colleagues.

Bouche had a blast x


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