Now then , Now then Guys and Gals


I was really sad to hear of the passing of Jimmy Savile last week and even sadder to hear that he passed away alone. The man was an absolute legend and one of my heroes!

This said Sir Jim, you brought much disappointment in my childhood. I wrote to Jim twice hoping he would fix it for me. The first letter was sent around 1985. I wanted to be beefeater for the day at the tower of London. The second letter to Jim was sent in 1989. I wanted to be a backing dancer for brother beyond!

Needless to say Jimmy didn’t reply and he never fixed it for me. I can’t tell you how much I hated those scouts eating their lunch on a rollercoaster! Smug little sods!

Since his passing I have been reading up on Sir Jimmy and am astounded by the man’s achievements not to mention the amount of jingle jangle that man owned.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about Sir Jim

He worked in the coal mines during World War II

He worked as a porter in Broad moor hospital and would have tea with Peter Sutcliffe

Jim was a professional wrestler

He has run 26 of the 31 Great north runs and ran the London marathon aged 79

He is a member of Mensa with an iq of 149

Jimmy referred to his mother as the duchess and after her death had her clothes dry cleaned annually

Jimmy didn’t actually like children and hence why he never had any!

Jimmy guest starred on Big brother in 2006

He was a peacemaker during the Charles and Diana split! He was one of Charles’ good friends

Jimmy created the first disco in 1948

How’s about that then?

RIP Sir Jimmy

Bouche x x x


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