I’m out!

I love a bit of dragon’s den. I love watching the inventors and their pitches, and then one by one the dragons declare they’re out.

I am often surprised by the offers that are made and by the offers that are not. My favourite products which were rejected are the trunki and the tangle teezer. Both of which have been hugely successful without the backing of a dragon.

During a conversation with a female colleague today about styles of jeans and jeggings the subject of ‘camel toe’ came up and a male colleague piped up that someone had invented something to prevent ‘camel toe’. I decided to investigate after getting over the shock and was surprised to discover the smooth groove! The smooth groove is what can only be described as an oversized shoe horn to wear in your under crackers! I am still laughing two hours after discovery!

However, giving this some thought. I have decided this is a wonderful product for the den of dragons. If I was a dragon I would definitely be backing this! £50,000 for 10% of the company. I’m in!

Whilst, I am not a sufferer of the dreaded camel toe that regularly, I have seen an influx of the problem amongst women who wear jeggings! (Not a good look ladies)

Each pair of jeggings should be sold with one of the babies. Theo Paphitis could launch them in his boux avenue lingerie stores. I think these Dragon’s have missed a trick here.

I am actually considering purchasing one. I am intrigued.

Smooth groove me up!


Bouche x x x





5 responses

  1. Well that is going to keep me giggling to myself all day, just the use of the words under crackers has put a some on my face, and so apt that it is firework night this weekend. Keep them coming Bounche, you brighten my day xx

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