A plan that works

My baby plans are not going quite to plan. After our last appointment at Guys, Mr Bouche and I decided that we would try and get pregnant naturally, and go for the CVS testing at 12 weeks once we are pregnant. We discussed when we would start trying and we agreed that we would start early 2012.

I am already 32 and aware that time is a factor, bearing in mind that we need to have these CVS tests and we may not have a HD embryo on our first attempt. So as far as we were concerned the sooner the better.

This past week has been pretty rotten and our quest to start making babies could be postponed as my job is now at risk and I am likely to be unemployed come the end of November.

I know I should be more sad that all my hard work and career progression is coming to a close and that I will need to start again but I am more sad that Mr Bouche and I cannot start a family as we had hoped in the new year.

I can’t seem to go onto facebook without seeing another pregnancy announcement. It seems even girls that I least expected to be announcing a pregnancy, are at the moment and I feel like the last one to do so. Yes, I am jealous. I want a baby! I want to show off a scan picture and tell people that the weight around my middle is not caused by my love of wine and crisps but a little human being.

Nothing ever seems to go to plan with me and starting a family is definitely not following the plan I had envisaged! I guess I will just have to create a new plan. Maybe a plan that will actually come to fruition!

A plan that works!

Bouche x x x


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