Woop for winter

In recent weeks, I have heard many people complaining that the summer is over and the winter months are here.
Me? I am secretly rejoicing! When I’ve explained my pleasure to people about being able to get my winter coats out, it has been met with a bemused response.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the summer, I have a fondness for sandals and I love a relaxing beach holiday. However, I do love the autumn and winter.
I love being able to accessorise my coat with gorgeous hats, scarves and gloves. I have found myself lusting after the accessories in Reiss of late and I cannot wait for payday when I am going to treat myself to this.
I love patterned tights and long boots and I love my chunky knits to snuggle in. Not to mention slippers. Oh how I love slippers!
Winter fashion always seems so much more formal, even when it’s casual. I think my style just suits winter so much more and I feel more elegant and stylish.

However, my love of autumn and winter is not just about fashion, it is all that comes during the seasons. I love seeing all the children dressing up for Halloween, it is also has fond memories, as Mr Bouche proposed on the spooky night in question.
I also love getting wrapped up warm and watching firework displays. I don’t love fireworks but I love the bonfire and the tradition. Plus, I love a bonfired sausage!
Then we have Christmas. Whilst I rarely spend it with my family. I really look forward to spending quality time with Mr Bouche when we lock ourselves away on christmas day, enjoy a lavish dinner together and generally get quite drunk on champagne!

Then we have Mr Bouche’s birthday in January which is usually followed by snow. Whilst being a nightmare for commuting to work, the fun we had last year with little J, my little sister K and a sledge still makes me smile when I think about it.


So if you ever here me moaning about how cold it is, remind me that I love it!

Bouche x x x


One response

  1. I think I may have to agree with you on that one, even though i need to get out there shopping, as I need some new winter stuff. Also thi year My husband and I are locking ourselfs away for the who of Christmas day, and if anyone wants to see us they will know where we will be hiding, just the two of us and a lush dinner, I cannot bloody wait.
    Mrs W x

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