Words of vexation

There are certain words that I read or hear which make me want to cover my eyes or ears. Whenever one of these words rings through my ears or is viewed by my peepers I shudder. It seems I am not alone. I asked around my desk at work and wondered if my colleagues detested certain words as much as I do. The conclusion is that people do! So as a light-hearted post, I thought I would share the best with you and ask you to comment with your most detested words and why! You ready peeps? Lets go…..

1. Tinkie – The name that little J gives his bits. I don’t know what it is, but I just hate it and reminds me of teletubbies.

2. Chafe – It just sounds painful. End of.

3. Bruise – I bruise like a peach, so as a child I was covered in them. This is mainly due to the fact, I could never be kept indoors,I love riding my bike, then motocross bike, then quad bike and then monkey bike. Yes, I was a little boy like!

4. Moist – This is courtesy of the girls I work with. I have more of an issue with damp personally. I think it is more the sound of the word rather than any sexual organ connotations!

5. Willy – Also from a female colleague. I personally think this isn’t such a bad word for boy bits compared with tinkie! Although, I get her reasoning. It is to do with the cutesy cutesy word ending in eeee. We both agree penis is a better word tee hee!

6. Gelatine – I do not like Pork. You can occasionally tempt me with a bacon sarnie or sausage sandwich. However, roast pork, pork chops, belly strips or loin of pork will send me running! Someone once told me what was in pork gelatine and I’ve not been able to eat a haribo since. So reading the word gelatine makes me feel physically sick!

7. Perpendicular – A couple of my friends call me a geek. I work in a geeky industry and do love facts and figures. I can’t help it. I was privileged to go to a good school but with such privilege came hard work. With such hard work came words such as pie and perpendicular! Perpendicular is my worst as I hated my compass and protractor with a passion! Bloody angles!

8. Snot – I see tweets and Facebook posts from people with children talking about their children and how their child is ill and how they have snotty noses. I have no issue with people being ill with a cold or blowing their noses but it is just when people refer to it as snot, I just want to vomit. The word just seems to describe the look and texture of a bogie to me! yuk yuk yuk

9. Gusset – I have always had a hatred for this word since trying on gym knickers for Grammar school. They were bottle green, nylon and vile! I remember the lady in the school outfitter saying I could go without briefs as the running knickers had a full gusset! It seems the girls on my team have a mutual hatred. The word just sounds like something my great Nan would say. Urgh!

10. Nice – When someone uses the word nice, I always think cop out and lies. For instance, when a lady has bought a new outfit for a night out, got herself all dolled up and walks down the stairs to her partner / husband and they say you look nice! OUCH he may as well say you look mediocre! Or when you buy a gift for someone and they, thanks that’s really nice. I am sure there are some genuine uses for the word nice but it seems such a cop out. There are so many other descriptive words like beautiful, pretty, stunning, elegant, superb, divine and delightful.

So what are your most disliked words? Please share!

Bouche x x x


2 responses

  1. Mine isn’t a word it’s a stupid one liner that I never understand. ‘Go with the flow’ what the be Jesus does that mean? I have friends that always use it and I don’t think they really know what it means!

  2. Hello My Lovely

    There is one word I hate to most
    Cock – I hate the way it sounds, I cannot stand to hear it said around me or for me to even say it.

    I hope this helps xx

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