Would the real Bouche please stand up?

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror today. I couldn’t believe what I saw?!
What has happened to me? It’s official, I’ve lost my mojo!
It has been a stressful few months and I guess I have let the stress get to me!
I’ve never noticed any lines on my face, but when I caught glimpse of my frown lines today, I nearly cried. The actual words, ‘maybe I am ready for botox’ entered mind! Wtf!

I also noticed that grey hairs are attacking my raven locks and I am starting to look old 😦

Concentrating on important issues and making life changing decisions have brought on middle age! F*****************k!

Don’t even let me get started in my lack of weight loss and my emotions running away with themselves! I am taking control!

I have joined the gym with my good pal Doris and we are on a mission! I am having a collagen mask this evening to try and fill these frown lines! Dying of the hair will commence tomorrow night and I might be less likely to cry come Saturday!

Hopefully by Sunday, Bouche might be back!

Bouche x x x


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