Tattoo do or tattoo not?

Firstly, I apologise for being really crap at blogging recently. I had lost my mojo for about a month but I have found it and I am back. Hopefully, with something interesting to say!

I had my first tattoo back in 2001 on my back. It is a little unusual and in the days where I showed more flesh, people often complimented it and asked what it meant.

It is the Greek sign for Virgo and in the 10 years I have had this tattoo, I still love it now as I did in the beginning.

I do really love body art but I am also very fussy about what I like. I would never personally have a name on my body of a partner, family member or child. It is just my preference and have seen some lovely pieces with children’s names on but it is just not my thing. I also dislike characters. When I was in my late teens, there was a craze to get the Tasmanian devil or Betty Boop tattooed. I just think they look a little cheap. No offence but I have not met someone who has had these kind of tattoo’s who has not regretted them.
I am not big on colour either. I am more of a black and White kinda girl and hence would generally go for black tattoos.

So last year before we got married, I decided that I wanted another tattoo. Something that meant something to me but to anyone I meet, would bring the question ‘what does this mean’? I guess I am a bit of an attention seeker!

So I wrote myself an email with what I wanted and there in my inbox it stayed. I loved the tattoo then but would I love it in a years time, in five years time etc. Over the past 13 months I have looked at that email many times. At least once a week and after a year had past, I decided to go for it.
It was painful but definitely worth it. The roman numerals are the date of our wedding and it was fully healed in time for our first wedding anniversary.

What do you think?

Bouche x x x


2 responses

  1. So bouche, I am not a tattoo fan, but yours is nice and simple, I think people like Jody Marsh are going to regret having her whole arm done when she is older. Did you see the boy on X-factor that had his bum done with loads of ladies names, I think that is very silly and will regret it in later life.

  2. Hi,
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