A Mad Fortnight

Bouche has had a manic couple of weeks. Work has been crazy and leaving the house at 6.30 am and returning at 7.30pm has meant that I haven’t had much time for my beloved Bouche in the City.

So apart from working like a trojan, what has been happening in the past fortnight? Well, being busy at work has meant that, I have had very little time to eat as well as other things. Which has meant that even though I have not been tracking my Weight Watcher’s points, I have still managed to lose weight. This has meant that I am just 6 pound off target, for the PGD IVF programme at Guys Hospital, London.

We have had a letter from Guys to say that I need to join a Smoking cessation clinic in order to proceed with the funding appointment at the PGD clinic at Guys. I knew this was coming, I do like smoking but I know it is bad for me and will hinder the PGD process. I am not a big smoker at just 5 a day (plus more if I have had a wine!). I have given up before and know I can do it. So, next friday I will go to the clinic and start the process to being a non smoker so we can have a HD free baby.

I have spoken to the genetic nurse and they are happy for us to come for an appointment now, they know I am giving up smoking and am very close to the acceptable BMI. I asked how long it would take for an appointment, and was told that we will be seen with four weeks.

My reaction? Wow, this is actually happening! I was quite negative after our first appointment, which created lots of tears and emotions. After lots of tweeting, facebooking and searching on the world-wide web, I am in a very different place. I have been introduced to stories of couples that have been successful and I am now in a place where, I know we will do whatever it takes.

This past thursday, Mr Bouche and I went to a HD support group and we have decided that we are going to actively network with families that are effected by HD. We hope that we will learn about people’s positive experiences and how they live lives to the full whilst suffering HD.

So what else has happened? Mr Bouche started a new contract three weeks ago. This has necessitated Mr Bouche getting up 4 – 5am. The broken sleep has killed me, even though I am usually up 6am. With work being so mental, I have not been getting home until at least 7pm, and with Mr Bouche heading off to Bedfordshire (bed) at 8.30, we have been eating dinner and parting ways. That said, I have been catching up with my ‘crap’ programmes that are sky plus’d and we have really embraced the time we have had together. We have far more productive conversations in the 90 minutes we have together, and we both seem to be more appreciative of the time.

Little J is on school holidays, which can be a challenge in itself. He seems to thrive on the structure of being at school and the past few weekends have been challenging. That said, he is adapting better to the idea of having a sibling although he is keener to have a brother than a sister! (Not sure we can determine this boyo!) Little J is also adapting to our post marriage style of parenting, I am old school and Mr Bouche is becoming more like me (old school) by the week and Little J is readjusting well.

I have managed to fall out with two friends and make up again and allegedly been a good friend without realising!

My mum seems to have had a personality transplant and we have been getting on well. I have also managed to laugh myself and my colleagues through a difficult couple of weeks at work!

So what is next? Losing that dreaded 6 pounds in the next few weeks, packing in the cigarettes, having a get together to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary next week, my 32nd birthday in three weeks, a birthday dinner, two birthday drink ups and a week off work. I love having lots going on and the next four weeks will hectic woop woop!


Bouche x x x


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