Tunage Tuesday – Amy Winehouse special edition

It was with great sadness that I learnt of Amy Winehouse passing on Saturday afternoon, after reading a tweet. I turned on Sky news and watched, mesmerised by the events unfolding.


I liked Amy. I liked Amy a lot. Her voice reminds me of Etta James, whom I also adore. It has a lived in sound which can be haunting at times. It is a voice that draws you into the lyrics and you can totally believe the story she is singing.

The lyrics she writes are different to songs you hear by other twenty something artists. She was proud to be different. Unfortunately, the darkness in her life which inspired such fantastic lyrics ultimately caused her dimise, whatever her cause of death.

I first became aware of Amy when she was promoting her first album. Frank, is an incredible album. Amy was just 20 years old when this album was released. When Busted, Sugababes and Gareth Gates were at number 1, Frank entered the album chart at number 60. However, unlike the ‘bubblegum’ pop in the charts, Amy’s sound was recieving critical acclaim and earned her an Ivor Novello award and set the standard for Back to Black.  I count myself lucky to have seen Amy at her best at Somerset house, in 2006.

I have seen a lot of negative things written about Amy on twitter and facebook over the past few days, which has made me unfollow some tweeps. Whatever people think of her personally, I don’t think there is any arguing that she was incredibly talented and paved the way for artists such as Adele, Ellie Goulding and Florence Welch.

So Amy, I celebrate your talent, your uniqueness and the legacy that you leave behind. I hope your label carries on and your god daughter Dionne Bromfield flies your flag for years to come.

My favourite song is from neither album but from the Bridget Jones, Edge of Reason soundtrack. Will you still love me tomorrow?





Bouche x x x



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