It could be you

Last week the Weirs from Scotland scooped £161.5 million on the euromilllion lotto draw.

That got me thinking what I would do if I won such a grand amount of money.

First on my list would obviously be to hand my notice in! I love my job, but if I was loaded I wouldn’t be dragging my arse into the city everyday, that’s for sure!

Next, would be to buy a special someone’s house so she wouldn’t have to move.

Onto my property portfolio. I would buy us the family home that we’ve always dreamed of. Lots of character, somewhere with space, somewhere where little j will never say ‘I’m bored’ (I am very optimistic about this ha)

I would obviously let Mr Bouche loose on some car dealerships!

Next we would buy our dream place in Ibiza. Somewhere in the hills.

I thought about moving Daddy Bouche into a lovely place with private nurses but you know after some thought, I wouldn’t. He loves where he is and they take care of him so well. Therefore, I would give Birling House a substantial amount of money so that they never had to worry about funding.

After a lovely family holiday. We would make sure all our friends had a little something and of course send the in law’s off to Thailand to find their dream home.

Obviously some serious spending would need to take place. I can shop and bugger me I would!

Next, Sod that NHS funding! I would be at Guy’s with my £8000 and would start the first PGD IVF cycle.

Money can buy you many things but all that money wouldn’t give Daddy Bouche his health back and I couldn’t buy more time with him, when he was well. Plus, there are no guarantees that even with all that money that the IVF would work. Hmmmmm

Would the money change my life? Hmmm probably not! I would have more stuff and I could make other’s lives better, but it may not bring me a HD free baby and certainly wouldn’t bring my Daddy back 😦

Bouche x x x


2 responses

  1. Very true and well thought out. Money doesn’t buy happiness it just buys us material thongs… Yes charities would benefit – but they shouldn’t suffer anyway big winners should be made to give to smaller charities: hospices to help them as one day most of us will need help on one shape or form


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