One night in Wembley – Tunage Tuesday special

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I have a little Robsession! (ha ha) I love the Robster (Robbie Williams) nearly as much as my husband! So when Mr Bouche bought me tickets for Take That for the opening night at Wembley for christmas , the countdown began.
I can say that I was pretty excited throughout June and when the 30th arrived my excitement was at fever pitch!
My sister in law, Nova and I met up for lunch in the West End before meeting with my friend Sarah. After a couple of glasses of wine we were all set!

We arrived at Wembley for just after the doors opened and we secured ourselves a great spot! After, a warm up by the pet shop boys, the lads took the to the stage.

Of course they were awesome. It was like being at four different concerts. The boys as a four piece, the boys as the five piece they once were in the 90’s, the Robster doing his solo bit and the boys as they are now.

The show was incredible. The pyrotechnics were jaw dropping, the choreography was splendid and the robotic centre piece was unlike anything I had seen before!

Did I enjoy it? You betcha! Did I scream? Oh yeah! Did I cry a little? Maybe! Ha ha

Bouche x x x








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