The only way is Essex

If any of you follow me on Twitter you will know I love trash. I love a trashy gossip magazine and I love trashy reality tv. My favourites being The Hills, Big brother and The only way is Essex.

So when I was offered tickets for The Duke of Essex polo last friday I jumped at the chance. The Duke of Essex Polo is an annual event held at Gaynes Park in Essex and is the social event of the year for Essex folk.

Friday night, I rushed home and started the mamouth task of Essexing up. Three coats of fake bake and a manicure and pedicure later, in a bright coral later and I was ready to go.

Saturday morning, my friend Sarah and I headed over the border (Dartford tunnel!) to Epping. When we arrived, we were shown to our transport to the VIP area.

When we arrived at the VIP tent, we were met with paparazzi and a professional photographer. Whilst I am sure they wanted our picture, we were upstaged when senior wag Lizzy Cundy arrived and stole our paps!

Lunch was a three course feast created by Greg Wallace from Masterchef. The wine and champagne flowed and after a charity auction hosted by Peter Andre, we headed out to watch the Polo.

I have never been to a Polo match and whilst most people were there to be seen, Sarah and I did watch some Polo.

Although, we were enjoying the polo, we could help but notice we were really in the thick of it and were literally surrounded by celebs. Most of the cast of The only way is Essex were there, along with most of Katie Price’s ex’s (Peter Andre, Alex Reid, Dane Bowers and Gareth Gates), there were some well known Essex TV stars, fomer Big brother contestants there along with some pop stars.

Before long, I couldn’t resist. The trash addict in me could no longer hold back and we went for it with the photo opportunities.

It was a fun day, but looking back at the pictures I have realised I am far too pale even with 3 coats of fake bake to fit in the Essex set. Even if I did used to live in Essex and live that life. Was I that orange back then?!

Bouche x x x


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