Can fat girls and thin girls ever be friends?

Last friday, my good friend Doris at sent me an email with a link to an article written by Tanya Gold for

In the article, Tanya defends her comments on playboy bunny girls and responds to a comment on twitter which suggested her views were based on her size.

Although, I sort of get where Tanya is coming from. I also think she is being very general and I wanted to put my ten pence worth in.

I have been classed as both under weight and over weight and I have always been friends with myself! When I was a size 8, I didn’t look at fat girls and feel pity or smug. Likewise, being a bigger girl, I don’t want to gauge every thin girl’s eyes out!  I have always believed that beauty comes from within. I have met some attractive women both fat and thin and instantly disliked them because they were bitches.

Size doesn’t define a woman and the people who I surround myself with are my friends because they have great personalities and not because we share a dress size.

I believe that you can be any size and still look fabulous. I also believe that being angry and bitchy is not a personality trait that fabulous people have!

I would also like to add that I am not curvy because I am angry and eating has made me feel less angry. I have a big arse because I like wine and crisps, end of.

So can fat and thin girls ever be friends? Yes they bloody well can, as long as they are fabulous. 

Bouche (friend of women of all sizes!) x x x

p.s Regarding the amount of sex women are having. I am pretty sure the bitches out there may get more if they were less bitchy, fat or thin!



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  1. Totally agree with you, we are not curvy because we are angry far from it we are curvy and happy girls. , ok we might be on diets but we dont let them rule our lives we still enjoy ourselves and are always laughing.

    I loved some of the comments that people have left for Tanya regarding this article they really made me laugh.

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