Christmas is coming……

It is about this time of year that I start thinking about Christmas! Yes, Christmas!

Please don’t think I am one of those smug people who rush out during the January sales and purchases presents for the next Christmas. I am not.

In order to prevent any panic when little J and Mr Bouche start mentioning things they want for Christmas, I start preparing myself for the worse!

I already have a little spreadsheet with potential presents that will be requested and a formula to calculate how painful it could be. There are 6 pay days left until Christmas so I have to start saving!

Currently on the list we have Nike I.d trainers for little J at £65

A Nintendo 3DSi at the bargain price of £230!

An Apple Ipad2. Currently retailing at £450 for the 16gb

Oh and two copies of Call of Duty modern Welfare 3, which is out in November, for both Little J and Mr Bouche

Now today, I started reading a news story about what will be the best sellers will be this Christmas. Hamley’s (the London Toy store) have kindly compiled a list of what’s hot for children this Christmas. Oh My God

Top of the list is a motorised Dalek. Now, I am praying little J is too big for this! At £200, I get sweaty palms just thinking that this might appear on his list along with the Nintendo and trainers! I may have to remind him that Daddy and I only got a lump of coal and some Satsuma’s in our stocking (nod nod wink wink)

Inflatable Dalek outside Hamleys toy store

So the Christmas saving starts this payday…. Eeek even if it is June!

Bouche x x x

P.s I hope Santa doesn’t forget to read my list. I would quite like one of the below 😉

A Chloe Paraty Bag

Paraty shoulder bag

Or maybe An Alexander McQueen scarf?

Classic skull scarf navy⁄white

Or Lastly this beautiful Swarovski ring!

Nirvana Tanzanite Ring


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