Tunage Thursday – Take That special

I am very excited. This time next week I will be standing in Wembley arena awaiting Take That and Robbie Williams to grace the stage. I have waited a long time to see the fab 5 back together.

It is a simple as this…..

I bought the first Take That single – Do what you like

I used to pause the Do what you like video so I could see Robbie and Mark’s bottom

At secondary school, I used to write inside my books Mrs Mark Owen and Mrs Robbie Williams

I cried when they split up

I collected Take That stickers

Angels will be the song that I am cremated to. I have advised my next of kin of this

I have a Robbie Williams doll

I have waited for Robbie Williams to leave Claridges so I could get a glimpse before he got in his Bentley

and lastly I have an agreement with my husband that if the Robster came knocking I could run off with him!

As you can see I might like Robbie Williams somewhat. Don’t get me wrong, I love Take That too but my heart belongs to the Robster.

So next Thursday myself and my sister in law will be in Wembley stadium singing along, dancing to greatest hits and I may even throw my knickers on stage! Te he

So this weeks tunage is in celebration and excitement for the Progress tour.

Do what you like, was the group’s first single in 1991. It was no great success, reaching 82 in the charts. However, the video is a gem. Cringey and dated but you get to see their bottoms and that is a good enough reason for it to make the tunage!

A very excited Bouche x x x




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