The food revolution

The food revolution

I am no Jamie Oliver lover as such, I often think he is trying too hard and one man alone can’t change the world. I know he means well and he seems like a lovely chap but the fact he wants to save every waif and stray can get a little tiresome.

That said, I have really enjoyed his latest televised campaign from Mr Oliver.

Jamie has been out in Los Angeles trying to rescue the school meals that are given to LA school children.

I am a bit of a foodie and I think I have an accomplished palate. However, that has not always been the case. Growing up, Spaghetti bolognaise was classed as exotic in my home! However, as I have got older I have tried most things. However, even though I a no skinny Minnie I think I eat a well balanced diet.

With that in mind, I am absolutely astounded what the LA education authority think is acceptable to feed their pupils. Donuts for breakfast, hamburgers made from the same waste meat that makes dog food and flavoured milk which has 4 teaspoons of sugar per serving. Is it any wonder that childhood obesity in the US is at epic proportions and 23 million children are obese. (This figure makes me feel physically sick!)

Watching the series has really opened my eyes. Of course it is made to be slightly more dramatic (it’s TV after all) but it really made me think about the sort of things I ate as a child and what I feed Little J when he is with us.

I remember school dinners fondly and whilst others complained, I loved them. In primary school, I don’t really remember having chips very often but I do remember we would have mash potato served from a special scoop and I would laugh and refer to them as mash boobies! One thing I will never forget is school milk. Where it was warm and when you had to really push your straw in to get through the cream on the top. Urgh yuk! I guess in the 80’s we were fed well but not laden with processed, sugary ‘crap’.

When I shop I always consider the choices I make for little J. I always try and buy semi healthy snacks (a pack of haribo appears from time to time though) lean cuts of meat, healthier yoghurts rather than desserts and lots of fruit and veg. We always cook from scratch and luckily little J isn’t too fussy and enjoys his Dad’s homemade curry. Don’t get me wrong he would scoff chocolate and crisps all day if we allowed, but even crisps have become healthier with sunbites from walkers appearing in this week’s shop.

I really enjoyed the series and even gained a little crush on Michael Gaillard from West Adam’s High. Far to Hollywood for school! It really made me think how important it is to feed yourselves and your children correctly. I am not going to start preaching, but it has made me think about the choices I make for us as a family and the implications of those choices.

I do tell little J lies, when I know dad has a packet of jammy dodgers in the cupboard I tell little J that we have no biscuits in! He also believes that when I make him a cup of tea, he has 2 sugars. He does not, he never has. He has no sugars!

Good work Jamie and I hope it has made parents think about the choices they make

Bouche x x x



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