HD Awareness week

Huntington’s awareness week

From the 13th – 19th June 2011, it is the National Awareness week for Huntington’s disease. Across the country there will be many fundraisers and awareness raising events.

On Saturday, I will be attending the annual summer party that it is held at my Dad’s care home. Birling house in Kent always hold a fantastic garden party, with live music and entertainment for the children. It is a wonderful opportunity for families to meet up and spend time with their loved ones and to catch up with other families dealing with HD. The summer garden party is always during HD awareness week.

I often find it difficult to visit Dad, but I always make sure I go regularly as he looks forward to my visits so much. I always look forward to the annual Birling house garden party. This is mainly because my Dad enjoys them so much and it allows me to catch up with other families with relatives at Birling house. I guess it makes me feel less isolated.

HD awareness week isn’t necessarily to raise much needed funds for the HDA but to do what it says on the tin, and raise awareness for an illness that many people have not heard of.

If you can spare ten minutes of your day today, please click on the below link. I don’t ask for funds for the HDA but to read about the illness, people’s stories and the amazing work that the HDA do.


Thank you

Bouche x x x



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