Too much too young!

Around this time last year, me and my mum had a set to. I was buying the shoes for our bridesmaids and upon showing my mum pictures of the flat girly sandals that I had in mind, a mini argument ensued. She said ‘well, your sister wants high heels!’ it is probably important to add that my sister was 7 at the time. My response was a flat no, and that I wanted my gorgeous bridesmaids (the little ones) to be in age appropriate footwear. They had gorgeous princess dresses with satin bows in their hair, and they WOULD be wearing either ballet pumps or flat sandals. My point was that they are little girls and have all their adult life to break their necks in high heels.
Anyway, I got my way and my bridesmaids looked like princesses.

I have very strong views on children remaining children until the last possible moment. Which I why I am horrified and sickened by two stories in the press today.

The first is the story of Sarah Burge who gave her 7 year old a voucher for a boob job when she is 16! This sort of stuff makes my blood boil! Not only is she teaching her daughter that she is imperfect and will need surgery but the child in question is 7! She should be teaching her to love the skin she is in and worshipping the gift that is a child not trying to make her feel insecure! A 7 year old girl should be out on her bike, playing with tiny tears or playing hungry hippos (insert your own favourite toy!) not worrying about how big her breasts will be in 9 years time!

It reminds me of when I was teaching my sister to swim 3 years ago. We were getting dressed in the family changing and despite me trying my hardest not let her see me in my underwear, she did. For the next week she pulled her pants between the cheeks of her bottom and said ‘mummy I am wearing a thong like Jo!’ That in itself horrified me!

The other story is of a new beauty salon in Brentwood Essex, called Trendy Monkey’s which is for little girls. I understand that little girls like to try Mummy’s lipgloss but is it necessary for spray tans and hair extensions? I really don’t like the idea! I remember I had to beg my mum to buy me the little blossom make up range from Avon back in the 80’s and looking back it was barely a lip balm!

It saddens me that this is what is acceptable in our society. What’s next?
Liposuction for puppy fat?

One angry Bouche x x x

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  1. I agree with you 100% here, the kids are growing up far to quick. I can think back to when I was 15 and I still had my mates over for tea and we liked doing kid stuff. It’s not like that now and it maked me very sad. xx

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