Tunage Tuesday #9

Have you ever had a day when you get good news and you rock out a little to yourself? When my husband proposed I went into the bathroom and jumped up and down and had a mini boogie. When I got the job I do now, I put this song on and shimmied my way through the house!
Released in 2001 weapon of choice by Fatboy Slim reached number 10 in the UK charts. However, the video for weapon of choice overtook the success that Norman Cook achieved for it’s chart placing.
The video won numerous MTV awards and a Grammy.
It is easy to see why. It is my favourite video of all time. Christopher Walken is amazing. He is usually such a straight actor that to see him flying around and jumping into lifts is bloody brilliant! It was filmed in a very empty Marriott hotel in LA and is quite something. Christopher Walken, it emerges is a very accomplished dancer and had a career in musicals before becoming a serious actor in films such as Pulp Fiction and catch me if you can.

My favourite part is the head nodding at the beginning of the video. Genius!

Click on the link below and enjoy. I can guarantee even if the music isn’t to your taste you’ll love the video!

Bouche x x x



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