The bigger the wallet the smaller the conscience!

Another day, another super injunction. Today, Sir Fred Goodwin, the man ‘responsible’ for the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland has been exposed as the latest cheat, to apply for a super injunction. Lord Stoneham however believes that hiding his affair with a senior employee of RBS is not in the public interest.
Affairs in the city are rife in my opinion. I have worked in the square mile long enough and seen some shocking behaviour. The wealthy and somewhat powerful trader on a night out. Trying to pull the newest secretary with a bottle of over priced champagne, whilst the wife is at home bathing and putting their children to bed. The senior executive asking his PA to buy gifts for the wife whilst he takes the said PA for ‘long lunches’ and gives her access to his credit card. Let’s also not forget the account manager who is sleeping his way through his rollerdex.
Private lives are just that in my opinion and I often think of the poor wife or girlfriend when the cheats are exposed in some tabloid. Is it helpful to have that information in the public domain? I am not sure. Being cheated on is humiliating enough without having the sordid details in print.
I guess exposing an affair which was taking place in an organisation which was close to collapse, should be exposed.
What I do find hard to swallow with these super injunctions, is that, if you have enough money you can seemingly get away with it. Not only that but if the ‘other woman’ does not have enough money for an injunction of her own, she has to deal with the fall out.
I would just like to say that I don’t condone what these women do, when they get involved with married men. However, one of these women I do feel sorry for is Imogen Thomas. The treatment that she is receiving from the press and the public is disgusting. Imogen Thomas, was a big brother contestant who had an affair with a premiership footballer. He has protected himself with a super injunction and she is left to deal with media backlash as she doesn’t have the money for an injunction herself. Why should she have to take the entire blame? It seems it takes two to tango but with a large bank balance one to foxtrot from the blame and responsibility! Grrrr
Bouche x x x


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  1. Well I agree with youo 100% It was wrong for her to have an fling with the not to be mentioned footballer, but I think it was wrong for them to also give her name out, everyone really knows who it is, just a little google search and you can find it all, she is the one left being called all the names, poor lady.

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