Tunage Tuesday #8

I am often amazed how advertising agencies get the ideas for TV advertisements. I guess my brain isn’t as imaginative as others. The latest advert which I am loving at the moment is the latest from Cadbury’s.
In the advert, which is based in a charity shop. Clothes seemingly come to life and dance around to a great track by Jermaine Stewart, We don’t have to take our clothes off.


You may remember some of the Cadbury’s adverts that have been shown previously. The ‘gorilla’ advert featuring Phil Collins’ song, In the air tonight helped launch his comeback. Download figures for the song increased substantially after the advert was aired back in 2007.

Jermaine Stewart was originally a backing dancer for Shalamar and featured as a backing singer for Culture club. It was during his time with Culture club that he was discovered and signed his own recording contract.

Jermaine had a reasonable amount of success. His most noteworthy being ‘We don’t have to take our clothes off’ which was a worldwide hit in 1986.

Jermaine died in 1997, from an AIDS related illness aged just 39. I’m sure he would have loved the advert and sadly a career resurrection for Jermaine won’t be happening. I have heard lots of buzz about the song and his memory will live on in music thanks to some bopping trousers!
One thing though, what is cherry wine and where can I get some?!

Bouche x x x


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