The mantlepiece – otherwise known as my bottom!

I am ashamed! I keep bleating on about it but my bubble butt has taken on a life of its own and probably needs a blog of its own!

On my first holiday with my husband (then boyfriend) in 2003, I was a size 10 on the bottom and 12 on top (I have knockers what can I say!) I wore very small outfits and the below picture is one of my husband’s favourites. I have to admit that I think I looked pretty tidy back then too! We were at Cream at the famous Ibiza club Amnesia in September 2003 and were there to see dj’s Paul Van Dyk and Ferry Corsten. Even the packet of cigarettes in my back pocket doesn’t make my bum look big!

Hotpants at Amnesia Sept 2003


Eight years on and a couple of stone later, I have a backside which resembles a mantlepiece. I haven’t quite hit a fully fledged size 16 but I am still gutted. Mr Bouche certainly doesn’t look like the picture above but I am sure he is wondering where the slender Doris he once dated has disappeared to!

I am losing weight and I want to do it for me, no one else. I have decided that I want to do a half marathon soon to help with the weight loss and to give myself something to be proud of. I get puffed out walking to the station these days. Back in 2003, I ran at least 5km and did three spinning classes a week.

Whenever I have been slim ( pretty much all my life until 2005 and a brief stint in 2010 when i got married) I had to exercise to keep my bod in check. I am a foody and I think mealtimes are integral to a normal family life. When I was growing up I became obsessed with mealtimes. In my early teens I ate the same thing for dinner, every night for 6-12 months at a time which later led to anorexia when I was 15. We never ate as a family and my Mum always poked fun if I had a podgy tummy (even at 8 years old) or a bubble bum aged 10!

So now, I want my 2003 body back but I am going to do it sensibly!

The above picture will be stuck on the fridge along with the below pictures for inspiration!

The mantelpiece is going people! I do hope by September I can post a picture of my arse on here!

Bouche x x x


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