This was the week that …

This was the week that I have been pretty rubbish at blogging. It has been a pretty manic week again so I’ll tell you about it in brief!

This was the week that…

My mother in law turned 60 and we had a fabulous weekend celebrating at my lovely sister in law’s.

I stopped making excuses and started tracking my points for weight watchers and lost two and a half pound!

We got our appointment through to discuss starting a family with the genetics expert at Guys hospital.

I had the last of my root canal treatment and spent two days in bed due to the pain.

Forgot to post a tunage Tuesday as was in bed moping about my tooth!

I got an invite to my first blogging event!

Learnt that a very good friend is not 13 weeks pregnant but 18 weeks pregnant with twins! (excited!!!! Woop woop!)

Baby Elliot was born to a very special couple and was named after another very special young man!

My window box started to bloom, after three weeks of love and attention.

I missed the only way is Essex! I love crap tv! I think Mr Bouche has too!

I also missed my train buddy Doris. She is sunning herself in Portugal. How very dare she!

Looked at how I assist in parenting little J and wondered how I can do better.
and lastly…

I booked a surprise for our first anniversary for Mr Bouche.

What has this week brought for you?

Bouche x x x


One response

  1. Wow what a week you have had…. and ive missed it all.
    Good to know ive been missed i have to admit i missed you girls while i was away MWAH x

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