Tunage Tuesday #7

The Overtones are 5 piece doo wop harmony group. They were discovered whilst working as painters and decorators in a shop in oxford street. They formed the band then formed a decorating company so they could practise. They performed on dancing on ice and this is when I first saw them. I had heard the song gambling man but didn’t know who they were. I downloaded the album soon after hearing them on dancing on ice and I am hooked. Their style brings the 50’s style to a modern day audience and they are a gorgeous looking group of lads which can only increase their appeal!

Gambling man was their first single from the album ol’ fashioned love and is a great song! If I hear it on my ipod I am usually humming all day! Unfortunately, it only made number 82 in the charts but I am sure these lads are going to have great success. They are also very pleasing on the eye on their dickie bows!

Bouche x x x

2 responses

  1. Love the Overtones & also first saw them on DOI. I feel they are swimming against the tide for the #1 slot but, because of their style, they have longevity.

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