No excuses!

Ok excuses first! I’ve had lots of social events and the Easter break. There it is done! I caught a glimpse if my arse this morning and to be honest I am horrified! Junk in the trunk? More like a mantlepiece! I reckon with the right angle I could balance a dinner plate on it!
Surely, this hasn’t grown over the past week? Has it been hiding from me? Has this been a long game of hide and seek? One thing I do know and that it has to go!
I am back at weight watchers Thursday and have a plan. I am going to start a fresh. I need to get this excess arse weight off and get back on track… No excuses!
Tonight I plan on giving my galaxy Easter egg to Mr Bouche and I will eat the fruit that was saved for the pimms! I have also got to knock these vodka tonic situations on the head! I am pretty sure that hasn’t helped!
If any of you see me with anything other than a glass of water or banana in hand, can you give me sharp smack about the head?
Bouche x x x


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